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Swimming Pools

Not everyone is a fan of the beach, and even those of us who find them beautiful sometimes just want a break from annoying sand and itchy sea salt. Luckily, Malta is filled with pools and lidos with day memberships and monthly memberships where you can spend your summer soaking up the sun and taking a dip with stunning views to boot.

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Public Pools and Hotel Day Memberships

There are lots of public lidos in Malta which open during the summer months, and also a lot of the hotels offer day memberships to their pools and these are open all year round. Most pools offer day memberships, even at most hotels, where you pay an entry fee for the day which includes a bed and a sun parasol if required. Once you’re in you can make use of the pool as well as any cafes/restaurants/bars that might be located there too.

Many pools don’t allow you to take your own food and drink, which in my mind is simply robbery, so be sure to check any rules before showing up if you don’t want your water bottles confiscated. If they try this, don’t let them steal it, make sure they write your name on the bottle and store it in the fridge for you so it’s coo and ready when you leave!

Medasia Playa, Sliema, Malta

Medasia Playa is a sound bet every single summer. If you’re looking for a day by the pool in Malta with a lovely surrounding, good food and drinks then this is the place for you. Situated right on the sea, along Qui si Sana seafront, you’ll have a gorgeous view of the Med whilst relaxing by two clean, well kept pools. There is a restaurant area if you fancy some food, plus a more relaxed eating and drinking area with sofas and fans. Plus, all of Medasias delicious cocktails.

Medasia Playa is a lido in Sliema, Malta that is open from 10:00 until late 7 days a week at a very reasonable price.

Medasia Playa Pool Day Membership Prices

Weekday: €10 full day / €6 half day

Weekend: €15 full day

Cafe del Mar, Malta

One of the biggest and well known lidos on the island is Cafe del Mar Malta, which gives a luxury, VIP experience for a budget price. Their facilities are top notch with drinks and food service at the beds, a sit in restaurant, kids pool and stunning infinity pool that leads right into the Mediterranean sea. Cafe del Mar is located on the north of the island in Qawra.

Full Pool Reviews

Here I’ve compiled a list of details and reviews of various swimming pools and lidos around the island of Malta, including pictures, reviews of the facilities and details on the day membership costs. There are lots of these handy pools located around the island, whichever area you’re visiting or living in, you’ll be able to find a pool nearby.

Pools can be expensive so it’s important to check reviews to make sure you’re getting your moneys worth. When you’re paying money to use a pool, rather than using the sea for free, you want to know that you wont be wasting your money. Pool facilities have to be well maintain, modern and clean, but also with little extras like well priced food and drink, good service and more.

Full List of Pools in Malta

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    Any indoor pools available to the public during winter, apart from Meridien ?

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