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Fortina 5* Hotel & Spa

valletta view terrace fortina at night

I always get asked for hotel recommendations in Malta but because I live here, that’s actually very hard- I never get to stay in them and see if they’re any good! However Deal Today are a new(ish) deal website that offer loads of discounts and great vouchers and recently they’ve started offering some hotel deals. They had an offer in July for one night in the Fortina 5* Hotel and Spa, two people on half board (breakfast plus lunch or dinner) with a Spa Sante session each for just €140 so Joe and I thought we’d treat ourselves. Fortina has a 4* and a 5*… Read More

Deal Today: 5* Night in Sliema

tigne point gardens valletta view

I’m a voucher whore. I love apps like vouchercloud and deal websites like Deal Today so when Joe and I spotted this 5* hotel deal for just €140 we snapped it up. For €140 you get one night, for two people, in 5* Fortina Hotel & Spa on a half board basis- this includes breakfast, your choice of lunch or dinner, a Spa Sante session per person and use of the Tropical Garden Pool or the seafront Lido pool. I didn’t have high hopes to be honest but the hotel was beautiful and the entire weekend was perfect. So much… Read More

Travel Diaries: Home from Home

rhi malta blog moving on up away

Joe had a trip to Finland with a friend of his recently so I took the time to go home for a visit to see my Mum for some girl time. It’s the longest Joe and I have been apart and I didn’t fancy sitting around the apartment by myself for a wee. I’m glad I spent the time with friends and family. It was so good to see everyone plus the weather in the UK was amazing for me! As I was flying, I noticed how incredibly clear the whole journey was, until we reached England that is! Even France and… Read More

Malta in Pictures #12

sambucca shot tex mex malta sliema cocktails

I had such a nice time this weekend just passed that I didn’t get around to my usual Sunday post. Rather than leave it untill next Sunday I thought I’d do a lil midweek extra to show you what I’ve been up to recently. Make sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up to date with all my latest snaps! 1. I had a much needed catch up with my bestie Celia last week. It has been way too long and it was incredible how much had changed since we last saw each other (basically, everything had changed!). Neither of us have drunk… Read More

Che Cafe Pool

che cafe pool, st julians malta

I have been uming and ahing over whether to write this post. Joe and I have found an amazing, affordable little pool area, open to the public and we LOVE it- I want to share amazing finds with you guys but the place is so small and quiet we kind of want to keep it to ourselves. But kindness won out and here we go! If you’re looking for a day at a pool in Malta then Che Cafe is somewhere to consider. It’s only small so I’d recommend booking to avoid disappointment but if you get in, it’s perfect.… Read More

Sky Fall

sunset portomaso tower st julians malta

Had a nice chilled evening last night at Exiles in Sliema with some friends. There was a great live band, a beautiful sunset and some pretty special clouds. I thought it looked like something apocoliptic. With unseasonably strong winds and dark, menacing clouds which seem to be falling from the sky. Instagram user yuliyanilev commented that she’d seen them from the North of the island too and thought they looked like jellyfish- they really do! You can’t quite see how weird they were from the photo’s. They were so unusual, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. If you know the name… Read More

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Sometimes you take a picture really quickly, no real thought goes into it- you’re not worried about the frame, placement, lighting, background, colours- you just whip your phone or camera out, shoot and carry on with what you’re doing. Then later you remember it, take a quick look and are momentarily floored by how it came out. Even though the water is disturbed slightly by the breeze, this picture is so calming to me, slowing my heartbeat, untying knots in my stomach, silencing the white noise in my head. It was so serene, watching the two boats bobbing almost imperceptibly… Read More

Malta in Pictures #11

11. 1,2,3,4.jpg

Another Sunday, another ‘Malta in Pictures‘ post. I love showing off the beauty of Malta through my instagram pics, whilst also showing a little more into my day to day life. It’s only now that I’m looking at the pictures posted since last week (Malta in Pictures #10) that I realise how quiet I’ve been on instagram this week. Some pretty big stuff is going on, which I don’t want to talk about yet, but safe to say there are big changes in this lassies life right now. But the first week of emotions is over so I’ll be back to… Read More

Online Shopping in Malta: 60% off sale!

Shopping in Malta is incredibly limited, and the clothes here are generally quite expensive, so I spend most of my hard earned pennies online. After 4 years of intense shopping research (it was all for you guys, I swear) I’ve discovered some tips and tricks for making online shopping the best experience it can be. Click here for an extensive list of online websites that deliver to Malta FOR FREE. 1. When online shopping in Malta, don’t order heavy things like shoes (unless they pay return postage)- you can’t try them on before and if you have to send them… Read More

I want you to know that I’m doing so good.


I can’t believe Joe and I both missed this mega milestone but just yesterday we realised that on the 26th of this month, 4 days ago, it was our “4 years in Malta” anniversary! 4 years since my life changed into something unrecognisable. I’m not saying it’s been an easy ride, there have been huge ups and pretty low downs in that time but I’m a new person and I love life. Everyday I am thankful to be alive and thankful to be living this life. I thought it’d be fun to go back through my old blog posts and photo albums to look… Read More

Love Your Body: The Body Shop in Malta


I love The Body Shop in Malta. I’ve liked almost everything I’ve ever tried, I love their ethos and do-gooding and I love that most of the time they don’t rip us € countries off with shitty exchange rates. I recently treated myself to , what felt like, half the store! I went around sniffing everything and getting my hands in all the testers, one arm scented with raspberries, the other with peach, my hair smelt of Shea perfume, my hands of absinthe, but I finally settled on a few items to get my face and body summer ready! Vineyard Peach Creamy Body Scrub- this… Read More

Malta in Pictures #10

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Last week I wrote an incredibly personal and emotional post. It served it’s purpose and made things a hundred times clearer in my head, made me feel lighter and resolute but I didn’t post it. I was a little embarrassed of the rawness of the emotion, a little ashamed at my insecurities and putting my confusion on the line for all to read. I feel like maybe I’m moving away from what this blog was supposed to be about- me and my journey- and moving more towards pleasing everyone else. I love that people like and read the blog but… Read More