Malta: Moving On, Up & Away

About Me

Hey, my name is Rhi, nice to meet you. I’ve been living in Malta since 2010, when I hopped on a one way flight and have never looked back. As you’re on this page I guess you want to know a bit about the woman behind the site so here are some disjointed facts that might give you a sense of who I am. I am painfully shy and uncomfortable around new people, unless it’s work related, in which case I’m in my element. I’m awkward in the sense that I never know the right thing to say and I just don’t quite ‘fit’ in my own skin. My voice trembles. I trip and stumble a lot and although I’m almost 30, I don’t feel anywhere near being ‘grown up’. I think I’m hilarious, but you can be the judge of that. I try to be kind and generous but I’m also very forgetful, which can often give the opposite effect.  In general I enjoy my own company but I love a drink and a dance when the right mood takes me.

I adore writing and taking pictures although I’m not sure I’m particularly excellent at either, but I love immortalising good memories via both mediums, looking back over them and smiling. I try not to dwell on bad things that have happened, but instead spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about things that might go wrong. I have curly hair and oily skin and managing those two things is a full time job in itself but to earn actual money I work in iGaming, have for the past 10 years and I enjoy a love/hate relationship with the industry.

What Is This Site?

First and foremost this site is a personal blog about my life in Malta, however within that, it’s also become a guide for others on life and holidaying on this gorgeous island. That means that there will be personal opinions and the occasional picture of me, Rhi, however there is also a huge amount of useful information for anyone looking to move to or holiday in Malta. You don’t have to know me to enjoy this site, as long as you can stand the occasional picture of my face (although I promise, there won’t be many!) you will find lots of helpful info.

Finding Information

Along the top of the page I have tabs, leading to the most popular and useful posts such as things to do, quick guides and restaurant reviews. If you’re looking for something specific you can use the search box in the right hand side bar, or the category list to help you find all posts on a specific subject. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or would like more information on a subject, feel free to get in touch.

About the Blog

I started this blog as soon as my boyfriend and I decided to move to Malta. It began as a little online diary to express my excitement, then once I was here it was easier to update a blog than email 20 friends back home the same info. Somewhere along the line it’s expanded and grown and has become a ‘real person’ guide to moving to Malta and living life here.

I talk about day to day goings on and mix it with informative posts about moving here, such as opening a bank account, getting a job and renting a flat, along with ways to make the most of life once you’re here such as where to eat, what to do and more. It’s also a great place to find fun things to do if you’re planning a holiday in Malta, such as which beaches to visit, where to see the best sunsets and plenty more besides.

Why I Moved to Malta

Languages in Malta

The national languages in Malta are jointly English and Maltese, which was a huge factor for me. I don’t speak another language and it was unlikely I’d suddenly pick one up, so being an English speaking country made Malta very attractive.

Weather in Malta

Long hot summers and short, mild, sunny winters. Just what I needed. I came here for a 4 day trip so that I could see the island and get a feel for whether it was somewhere I could imagine living. It was only April but the sun didn’t stop shining once, even when it rained. Everywhere was so beautiful, I fell in love immediately. The moment I got home I handed in my notice at work and my flat and booked a one way flight back to this little slice of paradise.

Finding Work in Malta

There were a number of factors that made Malta the perfect place to begin a new life. My boyfriend at the time had been here before on a work trip and really enjoyed it, we both have extensive experience in the iGaming industry and with a strong gaming framework, Malta holds a huge amount of gaming companies and therefore jobs so we figured we’d have more luck finding a good job here than anywhere else.

And so our journey began.



  1. ciaralegale

    what an amazing journey you both are on together!

    It will deepen and root the love you already have!


  2. Alexia

    Hiii Joe and Harry,
    I found you through Catherine and she said she enjoyed reading your blog and I like reading her blog so, well, yeah. Oh wait, I’m supposed to e-mail you, aren’t I? Am I being cheeky by commenting here instead? Probably. Will it work this way? Let’s find out. Peace out.

    1. joeandharryabroad

      Hey Alexia, I sent an email with the password to the address given on your link. Hope you got it :)I’d love to post it here but don’t want it to be publicly seen! Thanks for stopping by.xx

  3. Niki

    Hey guys, just stumbled upon your blog by chance…. well done it’s great and I really enjoyed reading through it… glad to hear all going well and your both happy… spk soon… Niki

    1. joeandharryabroad

      Hey Niki, I can’t believe you managed to find the blog! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello, we’ll be seeing you in the new year to talk properties ;) have a great Christmas and New Year and thanks so much for all your help :) xx

  4. Laura

    I found your blog on the expat blog site, it is so helpful :-) I am going to be moving in the spring to Malta, my boyf works in iGaming for William Hill and they are relocatind. It is so exciting, but scary as although we know people at his work, its going to be hard leaving our home & family behind. What is the nightlife like? Are there many jobs for people who don’t work in the gaming sector? I am good at maths etc but don’t follow sport :-/

    1. joeandharryabroad

      Hey Laura, how are you? That’s so exciting, are you moving from the UK? I hope it all works out, I love it and dont regret the move for a second. I was in igaming before but I’ve ended up in an IT job (just customer service) that isn’t igaming related so there’s definitely work out here! If you don’t mind working in a customer support role, helping customers on the fone and by email then I know there are a lot of jobs going here;

      my boyfriend interviewed there (although he ended up taking another job) and said they seem like a really great company so you should send your CV over! Otherwise I see you checked out my compact guide (if you do get a job through Quad consultancy then drop me an email and I’ll give you my name to give them!) and there are a few job sites on there. If u ever need any advise please just let me know :)

      The nightlife is pretty good. There are loads of amazing restaurants and a bar/club area called Paceville which gets packed in the Summer! Best places there in my opinion are Bar Celona and Hugos. Keep in touch!

      1. Laura

        Thank you for the tips!
        We spent a while looking online last night at places. Where do you think is the best place to live? We want to be close to shops and restaurants etc, but not in a noisy party zone!
        I will definately send my CV to Quad. They cover all bases so you think that will be best for me? If you email me your name (I’ve subscribed to your blog :-)) I will say you reccomended me.
        How does getting a flat work in Malta, is it lie the UK where you have to get a credit check? Also can I have your pasword so I cna read the rest of your posts! I’m totally hooked on getting as much info about Malta as possible. I can’t wait for sunshine! The UK is SO cold and gloomy!

  5. Liz

    Hi there, I hope you don’t mind but having come across your blog, I listed it on our ‘expat blogs to watch’ on Malta InsideOut. I think you’re doing a great job mixing fun and personal anecdotes with practical info. We’re always keen to reflect expat insights on our blog, so if you ever have inclination, time or an issue to spout about, we’d love to have you guest post. Thanks.
    see the mention I gave you here:

  6. Neil McMurdo

    Hello There, Just wanted to say i seen your blog via the Malta Inside Out website and its been a great read, I moved here with my wife in March 2010 from England and have loved spending the last 12 months adjusting to the Maltese way of life, I was just wondering if you could give me some information on the Igaming job sector, Would be great if i could email you directly. Thanks Neil

  7. Ashlie

    How interesting! I never knew that Malta was a hot spot for igaming. I have always wanted to go there. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  8. john west

    would you know the best way to find a self catering flat for a week or two in malta please Harri ?

    1. Harri

      Hmm.. does it have to be a flat as opposed to a hotel? Quite a few hotels here have a kitchen area so may be worth looking in to. I’m not entirely sure on this one as it’s not something we’ve ever had to do. Maybe just try googling ‘short term lets in malta’ or ‘self catering apartments in malta’. Sorry I couldn’t be more help! x

  9. Andreas Moser

    I have also left London for Malta: and I am so happy that I did.

  10. cypruslifeinpictures

    Hi Harri
    I found your blog by accdent today when I was looking for some more images of the new buses (Arriva) to put on a post on my Cyprus Stamps blogspot post. I have a WordPress blog too and am also an expat in a foreign country… We’re in Cyprus and have been here since 2004.
    However, the reason for this particular contact is I noticed the reason for your move to Malta regarding your work.
    I too am in online gaming in Cyprus since 2005 and have considered Malta as an alternative option but not entirely certain where the companies are? Would you be able to give me some info?
    Generally, we visit Malta for a week (at most) in Bugibba/Qawra area to catch up with my parents when they take a holiday there for a month. It’s not really our favourite place in Malta but the purpose of the visit is to be able to see my parents at least twice a year. (They come to Cyprus for a month every November too).
    Hope to hear from you. Great blog by the way! :-)

    1. Harri

      Hi, I hope you are well! i will certainly be checking your blog out, I love reading about other expats experiences. Most of the gaming companies in Malta are around Sliema and St Julians which is more central :)

      1. cypruslifeinpictures

        Aha! Thanks for that.
        That’s quite good then as we like both of those places :-)
        I may contact you again in the future regarding who to contact, if that’s okay?

      2. cypruslifeinpictures

        Hi Harri
        Any chance you can give me an idea of salaries – vs – tax in Malta?

        I’ve heard tax is quite high in comparison to Cyprus (here, it’s currently 5% of your salary after €18,000).
        I’m in internal marketing/promos/coordinating translations etc at the moment.

        Also, electricity costs – I think we have the highest costs in Europe!


      3. Harri

        Hi! The tax bands are as follows;

        Taxable income Tax on this income
        €0 – 8,500 Nil
        €8,501 – 14,500 15%
        €14,501 – 19,500 25%
        €19,501 and over 35%

        So 8501 – 14500 would be taxed at 15%, then 14501 to 19500 would be taxed at 25% and so on. So if you earn 20k the whole 20k isn’t charged at 35 if that makes sense! x

  11. Curly Miri

    Glad I came across your lovely blog. Intriguing posts and look forward to following your journey in Malta!

  12. Rosie

    Hey, just came across your blod and the answer might already be in here, but I wondered as someone from the UK wanting to move to Malts next year. Is it worth looking into buying a car or is the unlicensed transport cheap and good enough? Cause it costs quite a bit here in the UK. Many thanks

    1. Harri

      Hi Rosie :) I wouldn’t bother with a car personally. My boyfriend and I don’t drive anyway but we have friends here who can drive but none of them own a car or miss it. The bus transport is very cheap- for residents its 1.50 for a day pass which runs right up until 11pm and you can take as many journeys as you want/need. And taxis range from 8 for a short trip to 30 (the most we’ve ever paid). Good luck with your move! xxx

  13. Tammy

    Hi Harri,
    Found your blog by complete mistake but I am so glad I did. We have been holidaying in Malta for the last few years. We love it! We have now decided its time to jump ship & go for it!
    We are both in our 40’s, we want the simple & basic lifestyle Malta has to offer. I am a care assistant here & hubby is a plumber. We both only want to pick up part time jobs as the idea is we spend time together.
    We were considering renting for 12 months with a view to buying. I really would appreciate any pointers you have.
    Can’t wait to get there! I know it’s not going to be all roses but we are willing to do what ever it takes.

    1. Harri

      Hi Tammy :)

      Ooh good luck with your move, how exciting for you! It’s great that you’ve holidayed here a lot as you’ll have an idea of the feel of the place although living here is definitely very very different!

      There are a load of posts about things related to moving here, giving tips and stuff. I’d recommend checking the topics listed on the right hand side under Site Navigation. Definitely topics such as renting in malta, hot topics! IF you have any specific questions feel free to ask, and I’ll do my best!

      I’d recommend leasing for six months at first, that way if you decide you’d prefer another area you aren’t stuck there for a full year, but if you like it you can stay longer.

      Good luck again and I hope you enjoy reading! xxx

  14. Eszter

    Hi Joe and Harry!
    I am so lucky that I have found this blog page, it is so useful.
    We have been to Malta 3 years ago on our Honeymoon and we absolutely loved it…
    We travel a lot so we know that being a tourist and living somewhere is two separate things. My friend has just moved to Malta, only for a seasonal job though, but I am going to visit her in August so I can see what the “real” Malta is all about!- as she says…it is so different when you live there.
    I really would love to move to Malta…but my hubby is worried about the wages-living expenses rata! He is a Chef de Partie in a fine dining restaurant and I am working for a big hotel chain as well in Scotland. I am pretty sure that both of us could find a well-paid job on the island, but we always hear people who actually complain about the underpaid jobs there…
    If you have any comments about that (especially Chefs wages and hotel jobs with a university degree!) please tell me as I would really like to know what is the truth!?

    1. Harri

      I’m so glad you like the website and I’m glad its been useful!

      You’re absolutely right, living here and holidaying here are two very different things and it can take a while to adjust once you take the decision to move here. It can be quite frustrating as their official departments and systems are very unorganised- we’re in a huge mess with ID cards right now for example- but in general, living here is wonderful.

      It’s true that wages are less than in other parts of the world, but you have to remember that the cost of living is also much lower. The highest paid jobs are generally in IT and gaming. Jobs in catering and hotels are likely to get a lower wage than you might be used to however I’m sure with enough experience that you’ll be able to find something with a decent wage that you can live comfortably on. I can’t really give too much help as I don’t work in either of those industries. I would really recommend asking on on the forum, perhaps someone in the same line of work will be able to give exact figures, or even contact companies such as quad consultancy, or learn 4 good (links can be found in my ‘compact guide’) and see what they have available and what advice they can give.

      I really hope it works out for you and do keep me posted on your progress! xxx

  15. maria

    hi joe and harry! my name is maria,i’m greek and new at expat-blog. i’ve always wanted to visit malta but now i have the opportunity to live there as i will attend a three month internship. hopefully i will meet the right people so i can stay maybe forever! the pics and posts-and above all your determination- just inspire me more and make me count the days until i arrive! i honestly hope to meet you and other members of the blog as well! enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  16. Joe Pinzone

    My name is Joe Pinzone and I’m casting an international travel show about expats moving abroad. We’d love to film Malta and wanted to know if you could help us find expats who have moved there within the last 15 months or have been there for 3-4 years, but recently moved into a new home. The show documents their move to a new country and will place the country in fabulous light. The expats on the show would also receive monetary compensation if they are filmed. They must also speak English fluently and can be buyers or renters for their homes. If you’d like more information, please give me a call at 212-231-7716 or skype me at joefromnyc. You can also email me at Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Joe Pinzone
    Casting Producer
    P: 212-231-7716
    Skype: Joefromnyc

  17. Fee

    Hi Rhi

    I just wanted to say… I came across your blog while searching for every grain of info I could find about Malta. My husband and I are moving in a few months and I’m the kind of person that researches right down to the tiny things, so I can’t tell you how happy I am to find your blog! I’ve started from the beginning and I’m treating this like a book (love reading) – I’ve basically ignored my husband all night as I’m hooked! I think I’ve reached Spring 2013 so no spoilers please!

    I’m in a bit of a different position from you- older (and feel it) and moving to a job I’ve already secured. But your insight into life/culture and personal opinion is unbelievably helpful, thanks.

    If I have some specific questions is there a way I can email you directly?

    Thanks again and hopefully you are still loving your Malta experience

    Fee :)

    1. Rhi (Post author)

      You are so sweet thank you for your comment! So glad the blog is helpful :) absolutely you can drop me an email at and I would be happy to help!

  18. Christine

    Hi Rhi!

    I am moving to Malta in December and I so very much enjoy reading your blog. Very useful and nicely written.

    Hope you are well.


  19. Daniel

    Hey, do you still live in Malta?


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