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Which Revolut account should I choose?

1 August, 2019 0 comment

I wrote before about why anyone living in Malta (and I mean anyone, but especially foreigners) should use Revolut and today I thought I’d expand on which account I’d recommend. Now, standard Revolut is entirely free to use but there are also two other accounts, Premium and Metal, which come with a monthly fee. Each account offers something a bit extra so today let’s look at each account, what the difference is and which I would recommend.

Standard vs Premium vs Metal Revolut accounts

Standard (free) account

If you select the free Revolut account you can:

  • signup in minutes (no branch visit, no paperwork)
  • get free ATM withdrawals up to €200 per month
  • get instant transaction notifications
  • check analytics to better manage your money
  • save money by rounding up spare change into a ‘vault’
  • transfer up to €6000 per month abroad with no fees
  • use ‘split bill’ feature to easily pay for dinner etc with friends
  • set up recurring payments (rent, mobile, bills)

You will receive a free GBP or EUR account (as you prefer) complete with IBAN so you can even choose to be paid into Revolut and skip local banks entirely. The app is a dream to use and gives you so much clear information, totally real-time, allowing you better control over your money.

Premium (€7.99 p/m) Account

If you want to upgrade to Premium or start here right off the bat you can enjoy everything you get with the standard account plus some extras.

  • choose from Space Grey, Silver or Rose Gold cards
  • get free ATM withdrawals up to €400 per month
  • travel insurance: worldwide emergency medical and dental treatment
  • travel insurance: compensation for delayed flights and luggage paid directly into your Revolut account
  • lost your card? Get a new one instantly in your account and it’ll be with you physically within 3 days
  • fast bank transfers: within 1-2 days
  • use disposable virtual cards
  • book LoungePasses for most airports via the app

For me, the important extras you get for that €7.99 per month (which you get a discount on if you pay for a year upfront!), are the increased free ATM withdrawals, the travel insurance (so you can never forget it!) and, superficial as it is, more choice over the card colour. The pink is absolutely adorable!

Metal (€13.99 p/m) account

Metal is the most premium of all 3 Revolut accounts. It’s €13.99 if you pay monthly, but enjoy a great discount if you pay for a year upfront. Request your Metal card today!

As well as all the same perks as both standard and Premium, you can enjoy luxury extras such as:

  • up to 1% cashback on all purchases
  • dedicated 24/7 concierge service
  • an actual METAL CARD in a choice of 3 colours
  • TRIPLE free ATM withdrawals (€600 p/m)
  • one FREE airport LoungePass

Which Revolut account to pick in Malta?

I personally have used all 3 accounts and now, I’m using Metal and I’ll remain on this plan. I love it! Not to be overlooked is the enjoyment you get just from having a card made from Metal. I had the black one initially but once they launched the gold I had to order it right away. It’s a thing of beauty. 18g of reinforced steel.

Metal Cashback

As well as the showy card the cashback is a nice addition, but at 0.1% in Europe and 1% outside, you’re not going to make your millions here. I think I’m at around €30 by now and it’s been many months. But, the more you spend, the more you’ll make.

Metal Concierge Service Review

The concierge I love so much more than I expected. Just try them out, they can do so much for you! They can book restaurants, hotels, flights, they can find places for you, research prices. I use them mostly for booking restaurants. I work in sales so have a lot of client meetings and I send a request for a restaurant booking and they are fast and friendly. I hate the hassle of spelling out my name, the restaurant not understanding so it’s a tiny annoyance I no longer have to deal with.

They usually answer within a few hours, so you can’t use them for real last-minute bookings, but so long as you plan well, they’re a big help.

Which Revolut account is for me?

It’s quite a bit extra in price from the Standard and Premium accounts so if the metal card doesn’t excite you and you don’t think you’ll use the concierge then Premium will be more than sufficient. I’d really recommend going for one of the paid accounts as Travel Insurance is an amazing thing to have all the time, but the Standard, free, account has everything you need to manage your money daily.

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