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Where is summer 2019?!

13 May, 2019 0 comment

Everyone in Malta is complaining about the weather right now. As I write this, I’m watching a video of a hailstorm in Comino, whilst the rain pours down outside my window. It’s MAY. A few people have mentioned how their Facebook memories are reminding them that, this time last year, they were at the beach. Whereas, this time this year, we’re still holding onto our winter jackets.

Weather in Malta May 2019

So far, this May has been disappointing and volatile. The weather is usually one of a few things you can rely on in Malta, but so far this month, you can leave the house happy in your t-shirt and in just an hour be wishing you had your faux-fur lined parka.

The temperatures are not super low, mostly sitting around 13 – 15 at night and 16 – 20 during the day. We have had a few days where the temperature was recorded at around 23 – 24 however the thick layer of cloud has meant that the sun was not able to warm our bones and the chill wind bore down on us still.

It’s been a cloudy month, a dusty month and a cold one.

Average Temperature in Malta in May

According to Holiday Weather (which was simply the first result when I googled ‘average weather in Malta’) the average high temperature in Malta in May is 24 and the average low temperature in Malta in May is 20. Which means for most of this month we’ve been sitting well below the average low temperature.

Weather in Malta in May 2018

Now, I don’t post much on Facebook (I’m much more active on Instagram) so I don’t have any memories there to remind me what I was doing this time last year. I thought I’d scroll back to May 2018 in my photos on my iPhone but May 2018 was when we adopted Kinnie, so my album is filled 98% with photos of her as a tiny kitten, which is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE, but doesn’t help me confirm that the weather this time last year was, indeed, more like summer.

Luckily, we did go for a hike or two, so I eventually did get to confirm that this time last year was considerably warmer. From my Kinnie photos I can see that I was in summer pyjamas (little shorts and tiny vest tops) whereas this year I’ve transitioned out of my thick, fleecy jimmyjams but I am still in long trousers, I have a hoodie that I wear in the evening and the blankets are not yet put away.

We also went for some lovely long walks around Valletta and around Victoria Lines and I remember these days were absolutely sweltering.

What does this mean?

In practical, every day terms, this means that the butter I usually keep out on the counter, has now melted. In winter, I leave it out because the fridge keeps it too cold and unspreadable, whereas the cold apartment leaves it chilled but useable.

It means that the electric blanket has been packed away, but there is still a soft one on the sofa to keep me warm when Kinnie wakes me up at 5 AM for cuddles and the apartment is cold.

And what I hope it means is that we have a very long, hot summer ahead of us!

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