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Wardija- The Rest Of It!

10 November, 2014 1 comment

As regular readers will know, back in September Joe and I went on a weekend away to Wardija Hilltop Village with our good friends Andreas and Elaine. I wrote already about the beautiful sunsets in Wardija, did a review and information post of the Wardija Hilltop Village and showed some pictures of the last supermoon of 2014 from Wardija. Today, I’m talking about everything else.

Stocking up at Lidls for a weekend away in Malta!

With the end of summer in sight, a huge terrace and great views, we had no choice but to enjoy a BBQ every day. For breakfast AND dinner of course! We headed to Lidl on our way there and stocked up on meat, bread, booze and salad- everything you need for a great weekend I think. Then when we got back the boys went wood collecting and got the fire started!

BBQs on the balcony BBQs on the balcony a bbq'ed feast!

Soo much bbq-ed meat was consumed that weekend- burgers, sausages, chicken, pork and more that I can’t even remember. Those burgers, made from scratch by the way, were absolute perfection. Juicy and flavoursome and with every addition you could dream of!

The mornings were much the same, lots of fried and bbq’ed meat from the British influence, with some cold meats and cheeses for the Swede!

a bbq'ed feast!

The view was just so indescribably pretty and the sunsets so perfect that I couldn’t resist trying to get a few sunset selfies.

sunset selfie in wardija, malta sunset selfie in wardija, malta

The weekend was actually over my birthday and just a short while after Andreas’s so we all got huffing and puffing and decorated the place with balloons to celebrate. Elaine and Andreas know I love scented candles, Woodwick especially so they treated me to this delicious little guy (or big guy actually). It smells AMAZING!

IMG_1170 woodwick candles malta

And then, apart from anything and everything else, the main point of this break away was just to CHILL OUT. So that’s exactly what we did.


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Pierluigi 6 December, 2014 - 7:45 pm

Hi! Really great choice Prosecco Valdo from Treviso! I live 30 km from Treviso! Eh! Eh!


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