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Valletta Gardens

17 August, 2013 0 comment

We have family visiting this week so the blog has been a little quiet. I was able to get the week off work which was perfect and I’ve had a great time doing some touristy things and of course, we had to visit Valletta.

We had a pretty chilled out day just walking around, showing them the Upper Barrakka Gardens which are so impressive and beautiful, the Hastings Gardens and the Waterfront. I got snap happy as usual and I’m not feeling too wordy today, so enjoy!

Upper Barrakka Gardens Saluting Battery

IMG_7839 IMG_7840 IMG_7844 IMG_7850 IMG_7851 IMG_7903 IMG_7905

Hastings Gardens

IMG_7872 IMG_7881IMG_7875IMG_7873

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