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Things to do in Malta: Beach Side BBQs

10 June, 2015 1 comment

If you’re stuck for things to do in Malta once the weather is nice, then this could be the perfect solution. It’s fun, delicious, beautiful and doesn’t have to cost much at all. It’s great as a couple or with a group of friends around you and can be perfect for just any night of the week or a birthday celebration. I’m talking, BBQs on one of the many beaches in Malta! Wherever you are in Malta, you’re never far from the sea; whether it’s a flat rocky beach like in Sliema or a beautiful sandy beach like Golden Bay, in just moments you can be right by the water having the best time.

Things to do in Malta: Beach Side BBQs

Some sandy beaches have rules against BBQs so be careful where you pick and be sure to do your research first, but the flat rock beaches in Sliema are the perfect place. BBQs here are very common, they even leave out metal drums for the ashes and coals once you’re finished and there is so much space that it doesn’t matter how many other people have the same idea. Plus, no need to worry about sand getting all over your food.

Things to do in Malta: Beach Side BBQs

Wherever you are in Malta, it’s stunning to watch the sunset, even if it’s behind buildings and not directly into the sea. The sky comes alive with amazing hues ranging from watercolour type pastel pink and lilac to deep, intense oranges and reds.

Things to do in Malta: Beach Side BBQs

You can get yourself a portable BBQ at a pretty reasonable price from most supermarkets, or else you can find one use, disposable ones for around €4-€5. Then the food is really up to you. You can splash out on the best burgers, steaks and fish, or buy a frozen pack of Dewfresh burgers and sausages, add a few buns and some salad and you’re golden. Last night with food, wine and bbq it came to €7.50 per person for 4 of us, much cheaper than a meal out and way more fulfilling, as you relax under the sunset enjoying a bbq on the beach in Malta.

Things to do in Malta: Beach Side BBQs

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Scott Lee Holloway 10 June, 2015 - 3:49 pm

Sounds like a fab idea! Love your photo’s as always, you have such an eye for a good photo :) love the one with the sunset


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