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Things to do in Malta: When the Weather is Bad

23 October, 2019 7 comments

Malta is so tiny that it’s hard to find things to keep you entertained, but it’s especially hard to find things to do in Malta when it rains. In summer if you’re bored you can pop to the beach or jump on a boat trip and be happy but when it’s grey and cold or raining it can be much harder to keep entertained.

19 things to do when the weather is bad in Malta 2019

things to do in malta when it rains 2019

Things to do in Malta when it rains 2019

  1. Go bowling in St Julians
  2. Visit Malta’s National Aquarium in Bugibba
  3. Go trampolining in Tarxien
  4. Try an escape room: Can You Escape in Fgura or Scavenger Escape in Sliema
  5. Spa weekends at Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa in Attard or Fortina Hotel & Spa in Sliema
  6. National Museum of Archaeology in the capital city, Valletta
  7. National Museum of Fine Arts also in the capital
  8. Buy a Kindle, curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea and read
  9. Take a long lunch somewhere cosy or enjoy some daytime cocktails. Some personal favourites include Taproom for food and Alchemy for drinks in Valletta.
  10. Order a takeaway and binge on Netflix
  11. Do some online shopping (it’s what I’d do!)

Or, when it’s just cold in Malta 2019

  1. Tour one of the many cathedrals in Malta
  2. Visit some of the oldest temples in the world
  3. Hike around the lush greenery and nature in Malta!
  4. Take some city tours, best enjoyed when it’s not too hot
  5. Housework: work up a sweat and scrub your place from top to bottom
  6. Explore prehistoric caves and cart tracks of Clapham Junction
  7. Wrap up warm and enjoy the fish market at Marsaxlokk
  8. Pop on a jumper and find hidden treasures in the flea market in Birgu.

Cold in Malta is one thing, but finding things to do when it’s raining in Malta can be a lot harder. People often complain that Malta is boring and there is nothing to do when the sun isn’t out, but I’ve been here for 8 years and always managed to find enough to keep me occupied, even when the weather in Malta is bad. Check out this list and keep busy during the next  storm in Malta!

things to do in malta when it rains 2019

There is so much to do in Malta that is hard to enjoy in the summer heat. Above you will find my list of activities that are perfect things to do in Malta in winter when it’s too cold for the beach. Most of these activities are best enjoyed when it’s cold in Malta as during the summer it will be too hot to appreciate.

Tips to Keep Busy in Malta when You’re Bored

My main tip for things to do in Malta when it rains (or is cold, or windy or the weather just sucks) is to just do whatever you were going to do anyway. When it rains in Malta, it’s rarely for long and usually results in a beautifully clear, blue sky once it’s over. If it looks like rain, just take a waterproof coat, don your wellies and go for that walk, visit that historical site, explore Valletta, Mdina, Marsaxlokk. Don’t let a bit of rain stop you.

Be prepared- if you live in Malta, sometimes you are going to be boredGet used to it. Unless you’re in a position to jump on a plane out of here whenever you want, there will be days when the weather sucks, there’s nothing you want to do and you feel you could cry with boredom. But here are a few things you can do to try and ease the tedium.

Spa Weekends in Malta

If the weather sucks, why not treat yourself to either a weekend at a hotel and spa or purchase a day spa pass to keep toastie in a pore cleansing steam room or dry, warming sauna. Enjoy indoor pools and warmth, of different varieties in a number of different rooms. If you really want to clear your mind and forget about the crappy weather, book in for a massage or treatment of some kind too.

Cathedrals to visit during the rain

Malta is full of them and most of them you can visit, wander around, take a tour and learn the history behind the building, the incredible decor and the people who have used it. The Mosta Dome or St John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta for example- you have a personal audio tour, can take pictures (not with flash) and you will be amazed at the stunning, intricate and elaborate interior.

Temples in Malta

Again, so many to see. Megalithic, Tarxien, Ggantija to name a few. Check out Heritage Malta and get on the bus and take a look at the oldest buildings in the entire world.

The many museums of Malta

This is a country with a rich, brutal and interesting history. Check out the National Museum of Archaeology, National Museum of Fine Arts to keep busy and learn a thing or two.

Go Outside, Even If The Weather is Bad in Malta


There is plenty of greenery in Malta that you can enjoy and who cares if it’s a bit grey or drizzling. If anything, it’s likely to be much lusher this time of year.

Cities in Malta

The usual suspects like Valletta, Mdina, Marsaxlokk are all worth a visit, and it doesn’t matter if the sun isn’t shining. Whether it’s full on raining or just a bit grey and windy, you can still enjoy the beautiful traditional streets and buildings. Don’t let the bad weather create a bad mood, get outside, get moving and enjoy the cool air!

When All Else Fails, Curl Up At Home

If you really don’t fancy going out in the cold, wind or rain then just stay in- a great suggestion from James on facebook. Snuggle up on the sofa with a thick blanket and a cup of tea, put on a film and order yourself a takeaway- it doesn’t have to be junk food, click the link and check out my list of takeaway services on the island.


Ashley 5 January, 2014 - 4:43 pm

Hi there! Ive really enjoyed reading your blog. Our family will be moving from the Cayman Islands (although we are Canadian) to Malta this summer so Ive found it to be very informative! I look forward to reading more updates!

Marta 4 February, 2014 - 11:51 am

Sex is not in the list?? :D

sunny 6 February, 2014 - 1:57 pm

love your blog !

James Fosser 1 June, 2016 - 9:24 am

Just hire a ute complete with brushes and shovels and go out and try to clean up the dirtiest place in Europe. Malta is filthy!

Rhi 1 June, 2016 - 6:58 pm

Dirty in what sense James?

Tomek 9 December, 2018 - 5:16 pm

Nat Museum of Fine Arts is closed till 15.12.18 so …how can You advise it in Sep ?

Rhi 9 December, 2018 - 10:28 pm

This post is years old. I don’t check every place in Malta regularly. Sometimes, you have to do your own research.


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