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Things to do in Malta: Greenery, Walking & Nature

7 January, 2014 1 comment

If you live in Malta then chances are you miss trees. Sure, we have palm tress but we don’t have forests or rolling fields or even that much grass. Everywhere is very beige and white and even though it’s my least favourite colour, I really miss greenery.

However, there IS greenery and nature in Malta. An abundance, in fact, if you just get off your ass and go and look for it.

Gozo is another Maltese island and just a fraction of the size of Malta but many times more beautiful. A little less built up there are some beautiful spots you should wander around.

sanap cliffs gozo.jpg.jpg

xlendi cliffs gozo.jpg.jpg

But in Malta we have our fair share of beauty too.

In Malta, areas that make excellent day hikes, are Mellieħa, Dingli, Għar Lapsi, Fawwara, Wardija, all the North and the various bays, and the southern coast with its fishing villages and Delimara Point.

buskett gardens.jpgxemxija.jpg.jpg

1 comment

Andreas Moser 14 January, 2014 - 10:50 pm

Oh yes, I did miss trees and forests when I lived in Malta!
I missed them so much, I moved to Lithuania afterwards and spent almost a year in the forest.


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