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Things to do in Malta During Winter

24 October, 2015 1 comment

Winter in Malta is a season of two faces. There are the grizzly, grey, stormy days where it can feel impossible to figure out what you can do to entertain yourself and there are the days where the sun is shining, the breeze is fresh and it’s nicer than summer in most European countries. I already have a post detailing things to do in Malta when the weather is bad, so today I’m going to talk about things you can do in Malta during those sunny winter days.

Average Winter Temperatures in Malta

‘Winter’ in Malta generally seems to run from October to April, but Jan, Feb and March are the coldest months, with average temperatures of 13 degrees centigrade. Not exactly freezing. However the air and humidity often makes it feel quite a bit colder, as well as the wind. With no central heating, inside buildings is always super cold but once you get out in the sun, most days in Malta in winter will be pleasantly warm.

Things to do in Malta During Winter

Things to do in Winter

It can be hard to know what to do in Malta during the winter as, even when it’s sunny, it’s not necessarily sunbathing and swimming weather. It’s a shame that people find it hard to know what to do when swimming is off the menu but hopefully this post will give you a few ideas of things to do on cold but sunny days in Malta.

Winter Beach Picnic/BBQ

Beaches in Malta are not just for summer! So it might be too cold and/or too dangerous to swim but that doesn’t mean beaches can’t be enjoyed. Most days in winter, when you’re sitting in the sun, it’s actually lovely and warming, so why not grab some friends and some snacks and head for a picnic at the beach! Take a jumper, just in case, but I’ve spent many a winter day in shorts, soaking up some rays on the beach, basking in the warmth from the sun. It soon gets chilly when the sun pops behind a cloud though so make sure to have something warmer with you as well.

Things to do in Malta During Winter

Get some blankets, some wine, some chocolate and cheese, walk along the waters edge, with your toes in the sea and find a spot to sit and enjoy the winter warmth. Make sure to take lots of pics so any friends in colder countries can get jealous!

Go for a Nature Walk

There is so much greenery and nature in Malta, but during the summer it can be a little dried up and dead and it’s just way too hot to spend time and energy on exploring. Now it’s cooler, you can spend entire days trekking along coastline such as in Xemxija or Sanap Cliffs in Gozo.

Things to do in Malta During Winter

There is a lot more greenery than people realise and there are some absolutely beautiful spots, most of which the country is really taking more care of than just a few years ago. You’ll find more signposted walks, more educational plaques and protected areas to enjoy. The Victoria Lines is another walk you must not miss, spanning 12KM of the island, one that can only be tackled in the winter.

Things to do in Malta During Winter

Eat & Drink in the Sun

One of the first thing people always notice about Malta is the abundance of cafes and restaurants. It takes some time to be able to recognise the tourist traps (shitty food and service for not exactly ‘high’ prices, but definitely not value for money) from the gems, but find one with outdoor seating and, if possible, a sea view and while away the day, with friends or alone. Grab some coffee, some lunch, or a beer and chat away or enjoy your favourite book or the free wifi whilst making the most of the pale winter sun.

Watch the Sunrise

The sunrise in Malta during the winter is pretty late. From October to February it doesn’t really begin until after 07:00 so waking up and catching the best part isn’t so hard at all. Check the sunrise time online and make sure you’re outside and ready for it just 5 minutes before, to make sure you get there before the sun peeks up over the horizon. If you can watch it coming out of the sea (Spinola Bay in St Julians, or the coast in Sliema) then even better, I promise you you’ll be awestruck.

Things to do in Malta During Winter

During winter it’s lovely. It’s not so early, and it’s not so hot, so you can catch a cool breeze and some really fresh feeling air to start the day. It effectively clears away the nights sleep and makes you feel awake, alert and ready for the day, whatever it might entail.

Spa Day/Spa Weekend

This is one that can be enjoyed however good or bad the weather is in winter. If it’s a lovely, sunny day then between treatments take some time to sit outside (pick a hotel or spa with a garden area and/or outdoor pool). If it’s warm enough, get on your swimwear and full on sunbathe! I can personally recommend the Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa in Attard; a beautiful hotel with next level customer service, a packed spa section with indoor pool, saunas, steam rooms and treatments plus an outdoor pool for super sunny winter days. It’s also very close to San Anton gardens so you can enjoy them in all their splendour, as they’re bound to be greener during the cooler, wetter season.

I’m also a big fan of Spa Sante at the Fortina Hotel and Spa in Sliema. Spa Sante is filled with choice, with lots of different rooms for different features and you can either stay in the (gorgeous) hotel or get a day pass to the spa!


If you can think of any other fun ways to keep entertained during winter in Malta, drop me a comment below!

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Alison Gatt 27 October, 2015 - 10:47 am

There is a group on Facebook called Experience Adventures and More that organise treks every weekend. A perfect way to get to know all those nooks and crannies that you would not usually find.


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