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Swanky Hampers: The Perfect Corporate Christmas Gift

6 December, 2018 2 comments

Corporate Gifts for Clients or Employees

I call Swanky Hampers the perfect corporate Christmas gift in Malta but really I find beautifully made hampers a great gift for anyone. Not only employees, clients or suppliers, but also friends and family. When they are packaged as prettily as these and full of such a great selection of tasty treats, I really think anyone would be happy to receive a Swanky Hamper this Christmas. 

Christmas gift hampers in Malta perfect for corporate client gifts

Affordable to High-End Gift Hampers in Malta

There are a number of hamper gift services in Malta, but Swanky Hampers is by far my favourite. It sits exactly between being a super impressive gift, whilst still being reasonably priced. You can find hampers ranging from €28, and going up to €200 for the biggest box. Perfect Christmas gift for key clients, top employees and your most cherished friends and family members. 

Tasty, Organic Treats

Each box is filled with a selection of food and drink. You’ll find sweet treats like chocolates and biscuits, top of the range olive oil and balsamic vinegar, pasta, tea bags, champagne, mince pies, Christmas puddings and the list goes on. All of the food found in the Swanky Hampers is 100% organic so it’s good for you and good for the world. Find high end brands like Tea Pigs, Roots & Wings for jams and puddings, Green & Blacks chocolates, Mr Organics, Moet & Chandon and many many more. 

Christmas gift hampers in Malta perfect for corporate client gifts

The gift boxes come in various themes, suited to all tastes and preferences. Some, come with a mix of everything from tea to wine to sweets, cakes and oils. Then there are the Tea Hampers, focused around my favourite ritual of the day; tea time! Enjoy flavoured tea bags, loose teas, ceramic tea pots, mugs and strainers so your special someone can really treat themselves. 

Personalised Gifts in Malta

The hampers come sturdily packed in cardboard boxes, wrapped in a length of silky ribbon. You can choose colour combinations to match your company branding, a nice extra touch that we like to add for our client hampers each year. I have clients who now, every November start looking forward to the hint of red which means a Swanky Hamper from me and my team has just been delivered. 

Christmas gift hampers in Malta perfect for corporate client gifts

Christmas Hampers with Great Products

I find with most hampers that they tend to look like a great gift, but the contents end up letting the overall effect down. Some €2 spaghetti, a harsh red wine. That’s not the case with Swanky Hampers. Apart from the amazing feedback I get from my clients each year when they receive theirs, I was lucky enough to get to try a hamper myself. My favourite items from the hamper were the Mr Organic Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, Zonin Rose Prosecco and the Organic milk, dark and white chocolate coated Torroncini but pretty much everything was great. The tea flavour wasn’t to my taste but the best thing about a hamper Christmas gift in Malta is that you have plenty of other items to choose from. 

Christmas gift hampers in Malta perfect for corporate client gifts

Swanky Hampers Service

The customer service from Swanky Hampers is a refreshing change for Malta. Malta is an island where customer service is not a priority but I love dealing with the Swanky Hampers team each Christmas time. The order service is quick and simple, they are friendly and responsive and orders are delivered to the clients quickly and efficiently. 

Christmas gift hampers in Malta perfect for corporate client gifts

Order your Christmas Hamper in Malta Today!

Time is running out now for Christmas deliveries so if you’re looking for some client gifts in Malta, something flashy to treat your employees to, or just aren’t sure what to get the Mother-in-Law, check out the Swanky Boutique today and rest assured that whoever you send this wonderful Christmas gift to in Malta, will absolutely love it. 


Megan 7 December, 2018 - 8:49 pm

This is a great gift box.

Haley 10 December, 2018 - 6:41 pm

When gifting something to a company you can never go wrong with a basket full of wine and crackers.


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