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Sunset in Malta: Wardija

13 October, 2014 2 comments

I recently spent a wonderful weekend, with wonderful people, at the Wardija Hilltop Village in Malta. I took so many pictures that I had to split the trip into a few posts, so as not to bombard you! Today we’re talking sunsets. I’m always on the hunt for a new sunset vantage point- somewhere you can see the sun clearly dipping below the horizon, ideally into the sea, as it paints the sky an intense burnt orange, a deep pink and then to black.

Wardija is one of the most perfect places to watch the sunset in Malta. With such beautiful surroundings of opulent and extravagant manor houses, greenery and fields, it’s an idyllic setting from which to watch the sun set into the mediterranean sea, calling last orders on another day.

Supermoon in Wardija Hilltop Village, Malta

Other than the spectacle of the sunset itself, I love how bright the moon is just before the sun says goodnight. I was lucky with that, as it was the last supermoon of the year, so it was brighter and closer than we’ll see it for a long time.

We arrived to Wardija at sunset on the Friday, which was perfect timing; as the car climbed the hill we had to come to a stop for a few moments to marvel. What a perfect welcome from this hilltop paradise.

sunset hills wardija hilltop village malta

sunset in Wardija, Malta

Wardija is the 3rd most expensive place on the Malta based Monopoly game, behind Valletta (the current capital) and the silent city of Mdina (the old capital) and not for no reason. This place is insane. It just oozes wealth, nobility and importance. The houses are huge and opulent, but with none of the ostentation or tackiness that can come with newer money. The homes were more like manors, terrifying guard dogs were the norm and we even came across a fat, adorable little guard pig!

guard pig wardija hilltop village, malta

Cloudy sunset at Wardija Hilltop Village, Malta

sunset in Wardija, malta

sunset trees wardija hilltop village, malta

On our last night we had to enjoy the start of the sunset by the pool and take a few pictures for our memory boxes. The way the early stages of the sunset swathed the sky in golden hues was in keeping with the richness of the town and turned the pool into liquid gold, glinting in the breeze.

wardija sunset pool

Sunset from the Wardija Hilltop Village swimming pool

sunset pool wardija hilltop village, malta

We walked through the town as the sun got lower and I particularly enjoyed the way the sunset in Malta turned everything around it as gold or as orange as the sky itself.

sunset in malta wardija hilltop village

Orange sunset legs!

sunset in malta wardija hilltop village

If you’re looking for a new place to watch a beautiful sunset in Malta, then Wardija should be your next stop. I want to take this time to again, thank Andreas and Elaine, and Joe of course, for such a perfect weekend <3


Scott Lee Holloway 14 October, 2014 - 11:14 am

Wow! Breath taking pics Rhi! You’re exactly like me and have a really strong appreciation for nature and see the beauty in the world that people so often overlook or are too busy to notice. Your blog is amazing and is really inspiring me to take the leap and relocate to Malta, I really, really want to but am finding it harder to engineer everything than I thought I would. I’m determined to make it happen but as I would probably be relocating by myself it’s a bit scarier doing it all by myself haha! I’m holidaying in Malta in late June/early July next year with a friend and they said if they love it there as much as I do they might move with me which would help (both financially and just in terms of not doing it on my own) Have a nice day Rhi, from Scott :)

Andaraman 29 February, 2016 - 5:06 pm

– I love these!! I’m jealous! I want to have taken them.. :) She rlaely is beautiful and obviously a total natural infront of the camera. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS! U Should be very proud :)


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