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Sunrise Snap’n’Stroll in Sliema

10 September, 2017 0 comment

When you wakeup annoyingly early on the weekend, what do you do? If I try and go back to sleep I either achieve it and sleep for hours more and wake feeling awful, or I end up just laying there for hours; wasted hours. So recently when we woke up early on a Saturday we thought it’d be a nice idea to grab the cameras and go for a little snap n stroll.

We weren’t quite early enough to catch the sunrise┬áin Malta, but the sun was still low in the sky and casting awe inspiring shadows onto the streets and an intense glitter onto the sea. What I find about this time in the morning is that there is little colour. The sun is so bright and white that it washes out the greens of the trees and the blue of the sea, an idea that might normally be depressing, but when you see the colour replaced by these glittering diamonds in the harbour, you begin to appreciate the paler colour palette and enjoy the calm of the early morning sun.

It was the perfect time of day. The colours were pale and calm and the streets were quiet. If you get up too early, and want to catch the sunrise, you run the risk of sharing the streets with revellers on their way home usually boisterous and best avoided.

So next time you wake up a bit early, whether it be the weekend or the week, why not get yourself up and out of bed, grab a cup of tea or coffee, get your camera, or just your phone and go for a wander, snapping what you see.

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