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Sunday Roast Dinner in Malta: The Scotsman

17 June, 2014 2 comments

I am your typical British expat- I came to another country yet constantly search out the best tea bags, the best English breakfast and the best Sunday roast. I was inspired to start this series, searching for the best roast in Malta by David from the blog ‘How To Malta‘ and his quest to find the perfect breakfast.

So here it is, instalment one in my search for the best Sunday roast dinner in Malta, and we’re at The Scotsman in St Julians. I love the Scotsman, have for a long time. They do a lush fish and chips, huge portions and always well cooked, satisfying food. The staff are friendly, the atmosphere is good and it’s somewhere I’ve frequented many a Sunday afternoon.


A roast dinner in the Scotsman costs €9.95 and you have the choice of chicken, beef, lamb or a mix of each. The dish comes with a huge serving of the meat of your choice, two yorkshire puddings, a big ol’ roasted potato, mashed potato, boiled carrots, roast parsnip, cauliflower, cabbage and gravy.

The meat in the Sunday roast dinner is always delectable; well cooked, hot and plenty of it.

The yorkshires are most likely frozen (though don’t quote me on that) but that’s fine with me, they’re always perfect and crispy.

Having two types of potato is a nice touch and the monsterous roasted one is fine although I’m always disappointed by their mash; it’s literally just mashed potato, no butter or milk or to make it creamy and tasty so it’s always lumpy, dry and bland.

I don’t like boiled carrots personally, love them raw or roasted but boiling takes out all the flavour and makes them dry and hard so these I would prefer roasted or at least with a knob of butter.

Roast parsnip is another lovely touch, I usually only cook these at Christmas but I absolutely love them and the sweetness goes so well with the rest of the dish. Love it, just wish they shoved the carrots in with it!

The cauliflower and cabbage I will never understand. Does anyone in the world like these things? They are so not roast dinnery and I wish they’d get rid of them and replace them with broccoli or at least give you the choice.

Overall the roast is great value for money, you will never eat the whole lot and even ignoring the items I don’t like (boiled carrots, dry mash, cabbage and cauliflower) I always leave so full I feel I might burst! The staff are great, good service is rare in Malta but absolutely everyone working at The Scotsman is very friendly and helpful. One to try if you’re missing Sunday roast dinners in Malta!

If you left your home country (or already have) what would you miss most?


David 30 June, 2014 - 8:08 am

You have to take care when you embark on challenges like this one – I’m sure the kilos I’ve gained in the last year are not totally unconnected to those less-than-healthy fried breakfasts I’ve gotten through!

Rhi 30 June, 2014 - 8:50 am

I didn’t think of this, very good point! I will be fat but hopefully happy :)


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