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Summers in Malta with Curly Hair

11 August, 2018 3 comments

I’ve suffered with curly hair all my life and I say suffered because that’s always how it felt to me. Growing up it was so unruly that it used to be a huge source of anxiety and low self esteem for me. As I’ve grown up, I’ve grown to love my curls and even though taming and straightening is easier than ever, I choose to let the curls run loose 90% of the time. 

Protect Your Hair in Summer in Malta

Summer in Malta is great for hair in that it naturally lightens, adding some really pretty soft highlights. It makes my hair grow faster than ever, which I love. The sun and the sea can be drying though, so it’s important to protect your hair, whatever your hair type, with hats and UV protecting hair treatments

Surviving Maltese Summer with Curly Hair

Even with my love of the curls, summer in Malta is still a struggle. It’s too hot to be messing around with hair dryers (whether straight or curly) or straighteners so the only option is to wash and leave my curly hair to dry, but the humidity means I never know how my mop is going to turn out.

curly hair malta summer 2018

But oh gosh, that humidity. More often than not my curly hair dries into a halo of frizz around my face and somehow manages to be big and hot but flat to my scalp at the same time. I tried leave in conditioners, salt sprays, going au natural, heavy oils, light oils and nothing worked… until now. 

Perfect Curly Hair Product for Summer in Malta

I was browsing some of my favourite online stores when I found this anti-humidity curl gel oil from Bumble and Bumble. Yes, ‘gel oil’ sounds a little scary but this stuff arrived and it’s already become my summer haircare saviour in Malta!

curly hair anti humidity gel oil malta summer

Working to control and moisturise tight curls, the hybrid utilises a curl-enhancing HydraSculpt Blend™ and a cocktail of hydrating Brazilian Oils and humectants to expertly ‘limber-up’ corkscrew curls, unfurling and elongating to create soft, glossy ringlets. Hair feels soft and nourished and is protected from frizz.

It has a light perfume, which is super pretty but you can’t smell it once it’s worked into your hair. This is good for me as I’m not very tolerant to highly scented products. The pot is a whopping 190ml so even though it’s £25 (but free delivery, yay!) it’s decent value for money as this is going to last forever. I just dip my finger in, get a small amount and run it through the mid lengths to ends of my hair, then run my almost clean hands through the roots to smooth them without weighing them down with too much product. 

My curls dry light and bouncy, and smoothed as if injected with a nutritious oil, but without being greasy or flat. The frizz around my face is totally calmed as this perfect curly hair product keeps that heat and humidity at bay. 


nava 16 June, 2019 - 9:25 pm

there is a shop for curly hair product?

Ro 23 July, 2019 - 11:07 pm

Hi, insm in search of a hair dresser who knows how to handle curls and perhaps able to dona dry cut. Would you have any recommendations? Thank you.. Ro

Ro 23 July, 2019 - 11:08 pm

Hi, I am in search of a hair dresser who knows how to handle curls and perhaps able to do a dry cut. Would you have any recommendations? Thank you.. Ro


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