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Summer Rain in August 2015 Malta

8 August, 2015 2 comments

I know, right? What is going on? Summer 2015 in Malta has been both the hottest and the wettest that I’ve ever experienced. We’ve had recorded temperatures of up to 42oC and rain 3 times in August alone! We don’t have a tropical climate here in Malta so it’s not normal for these summer showers. We’re Mediterranean so have short, mild winters where it rains sometimes but not daily and showers only last an hour or so and long, hot, dry and dusty summers.

But rain in summer isn’t unheard of. Here is me, dancing in the rain one September. But I was dancing as it’s so unusual so this years summer rain is especially bizarre.



The August summer 2015 rain showers in Malta have been amazing though. Imagine, the sun has been beating down on you for weeks, sizzling your skin even on a short walk here or there. You’re constantly covered in a film of sweat. The temperatures at night are little better and you roll around, sweltering and trying to sleep.

Then one day, the blistering sun suddenly fades as it’s covered by a thick, fluffy black cloud, which opens it’s gates, pouring cool water down on everything. It’s short, sharp and torrential. The temperature drops sightly but it’s the feel of the rain on your skin, extra cool as the breeze rolls by, that really feels amazing.

Coming from England I’ve always had a specia hatred reserved just for rain. There it’s constant drizzle, day in, day out, freezing you to the bone. Here, I practically pray for it at least once each summer.


Lisa DeBattista 1 September, 2015 - 9:28 pm

I too was in Malta Aug 10-21 and have to say that it was amazing to see greenery and flowers while I was there. The rain, we had at least twice cooled everything down perfectly in order to enjoy the trip. Malta is beautiful and I wish I had more time to spend exploring.
I think next time I’ll do it in the spring or fall though as it was crazy busy and hot.
Thank you for all of the wonderful information. I was able to take your recommendations and pick places that I wanted to go see based on your reviews. I have memories now that will last a lifetime, however, I do hope they won’t have to. I shall return one day.

Rhi 2 September, 2015 - 11:37 am

Lisa, this comment really made my day! I am so glad that you had such a good time here and clearly got to see some of the best parts of Malta, and at the best time. I’m also happy to hear that the blog helped too, that always warms my heart. I hope you get back here again soon and thank you so much for your comment :)xx


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