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Storm Warning: STAY INSIDE Feb 2019

24 February, 2019 4 comments

I’m sure most of you have figured out by now that Malta is being battered by one of the worst storms in a number of years. Latest reports state that winds are between Gale Force 9 and Gale Force 11, making going outside incredibly risky, effectively taking your life into your hands.

Official advice is to cancel all your plans and stay inside today. Because such strong winds are dangerous enough in themselves, but add on the added danger from the angry, billowing sea, plus furniture and buildings flying around and falling and you are taking a pointless risk by heading on outside.

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Flood Risks in Malta

The storm has now closed in on the island and is covering most of it. You really should be careful in weather like this in Malta, not only due to the obvious dangers from constant lightening and hail, but we all know that the drainage systems in Malta still cannot cope with such rainfall (despite dealing with it every year!) and the pavements and roads are flooding.

The road by us is no longer a road, but a river, with the drains overflowing with water pouring out at a crazy speed. The wind is picking up and is sure to only get stronger so until the worst has passed, I’d recommend everyone cancels their plans, lights a few candles and watches the light show from their balconies.

People Die Taking Storm Photos in Malta

We have similar storms each year in Malta, usually more around the October/November time but we were lucky in 2018, and they’ve come a bit later instead. But even in less dangerous storms, always people get harmed and even killed, most often by heading out into the storm deliberately to film or take pictures.

The sea and the waves are even stronger and more ferocious than they look (and they look terrifying) so it’s perfectly possible for a human being to be swept up in the swell as it hits the pavement and severely hurt, or pulled out and drowned.

Malta Marathon Cancelled

It’s no surprise then, that at around 8PM last night, the Malta marathon was officially cancelled. I was reading comments on Facebook and a lot of people have flown in, from all over the world, especially to run the marathon. Many of them complaining it got cancelled or demanding it just be run later in the afternoon. I sincerely hope these people don’t go out and try to run the marathon independently as a few suggested.

It was cancelled for their safety. I’m sorry people have spent their money flying over to take part but is it really worth risking your life, or even just serious injury?

Stay safe during this storm in Malta!

Tips to stay safe if you MUST go out for an unavoidable emergency:

  1. Don’t bother with an umbrella. They’ll prove more of a hazard than a help and the wind will render them useless at keeping you dry. Grab a coat with a hood!
  2. Wear wellies- the rain is actually more dangerous than the lightening in Malta. The streets and roads are likely to flood (sometimes excreting raw sewage!) so to make walking as easy and safe as possible, wear waterproof wellingtons!
  3. Don’t go near the sea- even on the pavement. The waves will be bigger, the windier it is and I’m always seeing people walking along the street getting soaked from huge waves crashing against the rocks. Also every single year someone gets washed away to sea and dies because they’re standing too close to the water during a storm. It’s really not worth the risk!
  4. Don’t walk under balconies or near construction sites- things are prone to collapsing and being blown over. In the past skulls have been fractured and cars completely crushed. Don’t be the next tragic headline.


Desiree' 4 October, 2014 - 12:45 pm

Guess summer’s over for us! :( What a pity it could possibly ruin Notte Bianca..

Scott Lee Holloway 4 October, 2014 - 5:51 pm

Hope you’re okay guys, does this happen often in Malta Rhi?

Rhi 5 October, 2014 - 3:50 pm

October is usually pretty stormy. Normally it’s at night and it’s just fun to watch the lightening out at sea, but occasionally the storms come over the island and for some reason the streets have awful drainage so everything floods and if the winds really pick up you’re likely to be crushed by falling balconies or flying tables, so it’s best to stay inside until it passes!

Scott Lee Holloway 5 October, 2014 - 9:29 pm

Oh good, doesn’t sound too bad then, especially if it’s usually at night :)


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