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Start of my Ex Pat Journey

18 May, 2010 3 comments

So I’m about to embark upon an emigration and wanted to document the trials and tribulations for others amusement and give useful info to help any one else who may be considering the same path. Not sure that anyone will even want to read this but hey, gives me something to do!

So… I’m bored of England. I live in a crap concrete jungle of a town that is perpetually grey. The sun never seems to shine in this country and even when it does, the world just looks a slightly lighter grey than before. I am 22 and I feel like an old woman. I am bored and full of apathy where I used to be vivacious.

I have chosen Malta.

My reason for this choice is that myself and my boyfriend work in the iGaming industry and due to the tax laws in Malta there are upwards of 200 of these companies on the small island. Its beautiful. It’s hot and sunny in the Summer and although can be a bit wet in Winter, is generally a lot milder than over here.

We just went for a 4 day visit to get a feel for the island, see some local sites and ended up looking at some flats to get an idea of the kind of pad I could afford.

Let me tell you about my England flat. I was living on my own in a one bedroom ground floor flat but have recently moved my boyfriend in. I pay £540 a month in rent, £90 odd a month in council tax and over £50 a month for electric. I have one bedroom which is freezing- it has no heating and generally is around 5 degrees C (which is bloody cold) I can see my breath whilst I’m shivering in bed and it’s mouldy and smells and I’ve had a cough since I moved in! Biggish living room and a tiny kitchen. The only heating in the place is a storage heater in the living room which barely heats a meter diameter around itself let alone the whole flat!

I am very small and feel the cold and can generally be found in my boyfriends hoodie, snuggled under my duvet on the sofa as near the heater as physically possible without sitting on it. Actually if I’m truthful sometimes I can be found sat on it!

I’ve had so many problems with the place, toilet just stops flushing, washing machine has flooded my kitchen 3 times- and the best bit is how it managed to throw all the water out onto my floor but lock my clothes inside! The hot water tank has over heated 2ce and pretty much exploded, hot water tank has a massive hemorrhage and leaks bucket loads on a monthly basis, shower gave up and took them over a week to replace it and today I had the hot water boost on for 1.5 hours (which probably cost £10 in electric!) and when I had my shower it was still cold. I often dread getting home from a long shift at work because I know something new will have gone wrong. I’m sure many of you can sympathise with this situation!

In Malta, I could get a 2 bedroom apartment, stylishly furnished, ensuit in the main bedroom, second bathroom also with a shower, balcony/terrace and a sea view for €300 a month. And NO COUNCIL TAX! This blows my mind. The places are amazing.

More people should be doing this. Since I got the idea in my head all I can wonder is why I didn’t think of this sooner. Imagine waking up to the sunshine, guaranteed through all the summer months. Breakfast on the balcony before work. Popping to the local beach on your days off, or sightseeing around the beautiful historic island.

Ok so I’m done gushing now! Will write more about my visit later and show you some of the flats I’ve been looking at so you can go green with envy at the sort of palace I’ll be in :)

Ta ta for now

R xxx


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Carlos 3 March, 2014 - 4:35 am

Hello, I hope you are well and enjoying your not so new but apparently better life in malta :). I have been reading your blog quite this week as I am planning a trip to Malta for about 5 months to study English. I’m even more excited after reading all your experiences. I see a place to rent apartment or room but the prices are quite high compared to what you comment here: S I’ve seen several of up to 600 euros per month. You recommend me some website to search? many thanks for all your blog in general. I am Venezuelan by the way

Rhi 3 March, 2014 - 9:38 am

Hi Carlos :) so glad you’re enjoying the blog and your trip sounds exciting! 600 is quite a lot, but it really depends on the area. St Julians is the most popular area so you would pay around 600 for a one bedroom place here. Some cheaper towns are Sliema, Gzira, Msdia, Pieta- these are all near St Julians (where all the bars and clubs are!) but are much cheaper. Then the far North and far South of the island are much cheaper still, but there isn’t quite so much to do. I’d recommend belair.com.mt :) tell them I sent you and good luck! xx


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