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Spring in Malta

10 March, 2018 0 comment

There are only a very few things about Malta that I don’t like and the lack of seasons is one that’s always irked me. In general, Malta experiences two seasons each year. One day it’s winter; sunny, but chilly and humid with a chance of torrential downpours any moment, the next day it’s 35 degrees and the air is so thick that you can hardly breathe. Autumn and spring are pleasures I have long since stopped hoping for but this year we have finally been blessed with a tiny snippet of spring.

Spring in Malta is non-existent. It’s a dry, humid country overall so we don’t see much sprouting of life and we don’t see the temperatures from winter gradually warm up. But recently I’ve noticed the smells and sounds of spring everywhere. The days are starting to get longer (it’s now light when I leave the office each day!), the heater at home can stay off and there are bees and butterflies buzzing all around.

Right now, no matter how busy I am, I try to find some time after work or on the weekends to head out for a stroll to soak in the gentle warmth, letting it thaw my bones after what seemed like a never-ending winter. I’m enjoying the colours; the surprising notes of green and blue and yellow and pink and purple. I’m enjoying the smell of budding life as determined little flowers sprout out of the dry ground. And I’m enjoying the sound of a bumblebee going about its day.

If you’re looking to move to, or holiday in Malta be prepared for the general lack of spring. But if you do catch it, appreciate how lucky you are and make sure to make time to stop and enjoy it.

Some of the best spots to enjoy spring in Malta, if the island blesses us with the season are:

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