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Spa Sante- Fortina Hotel & Spa

1 August, 2014 0 comment

Our recent trip to the 5* Fortina Hotel and Spa included a session each in Spa Sante which is a relaxation area located within the Fortina Spa. You don’t need to make an appointment, if you’re staying in the hotel, simply pop down to the spa reception in your robe and slippers and they’ll provide towels and a locker key for your room key etc. It’s included in some packages, but anyone in the hotel can go but you may have to pay.

Spa Sante at Fortina Hotel and Spa in Malta has a number of facilities including steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, heated beds (relaxation area), laconium, ice grotto, water meditation room, Kneipp Walk and Reflexology Basins.


I’ve never been in a steam room before and I’m a panicky, anxious person so I was a bit nervous about being in such a small, hot place but Joe was very sweet and warned me I might not like it but told me to remember I can leave at any time, the door doesn’t lock or anything, it just swings open and shut. It took a bit of getting used to and my heart raced for a bit but I ended up really enjoying it. I couldn’t sit there for more than 10 mins (I’m not sure you’re supposed to) as it was insanely hot, and steamy and sweaty but it was really nice and relaxing and I genuinely felt rejuvenated.


The sauna I can’t really comment on- it was supposed to be a Finnish sauna but I’m told that in Finnish saunas you have water which you throw over the hot coals to produce boiling steam. In here, the place was wooden and for me, it was too hot to even sit down or lean back, there was no steam just hot coals. It was very hot but I didn’t find it particularly relaxing or enjoyable but to each his own!

The relaxation area and reflexology basins we didn’t get a chance in as they were always occupied.

The laconium at the Fortina Hotel & Spa in Sliema, was probably my favourite area. It’s a super warm room with a basin in the middle which periodically spurts out some mist with essential oils, it smelt amazing. It was less hot than the sauna or steam room and all done up in ceramic tiles, with a circular bench to relax on. We went here first and my body just completely relaxed. If you like the TV show “Peep Show” then you might understand- I’m a lot like Mark- always worrying about something, a constant knot in my stomach, but the moment I sat in here it all came undone and my body felt light and fluid.


I didn’t quite understand the Ice Grotto. There was a basin of ice but the room itself was not particularly cold. It was nice to grab an icecube after the steam room but not somewhere to really spend any time.

I didn’t really understand the Kneipp Walk either, or how to best use it. There were 3 square basins about a foot deep with water. The two outside ones were warm, the middle was a little cooler. We just kind of moved between the 3, but I think that each room/area should have a small plaque with a brief description of what it is, how to use it and what benefits it has would be a really great addition to the spa.


All in all, the Spa Sante was a welcome addition to the weekend. Very enjoyable & relaxing with lots of different things to try. I think little plaques would be my only suggestion for improvement but if you’re stating at the Fortina 5* Hotel & Spa then Spa Sante is a MUST VISIT.

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