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Sliema Nightscape August 2018

25 August, 2018 0 comment

I’ve always loved taking photos but have never upgraded from my smartphone or an old Nikon point and shoot, so recently I decided it was time to up my game. I got myself a pretty new mirrorless camera and started an online course to figure out how to use it. 

As part of my photography journey Arvid and I decided to take a night time stroll to get some pictures of the lights and buzz at the Luna Park. Got there and it was gone! But luckily, we live on the tiniest little island where you are never more than a few minutes from the sea and the sea at night is simply stunning. 

Sliema at Nights

I bemoan how built up Malta has become but when the sun goes down and the lights go on, the sea lights up in a truly magical way. It’s a stark contrast from the glittering daytime water, as it becomes still, and alight with reds, golds, purples and blues. 

Sliema is especially beautiful as the harbour cuts into the island and is effectively protected from the open sea, making it as still as glass when the weather is good. You can see every church, every window and the bright white moon reflected in the midnight blue water.

The endless bright lights crammed into every spare spot on the island may drown out any chance of seeing the stars, but they are still beautiful in their own way. Valletta is, of course, is lovely in the day, but resplendent at night and the boats, yachts and clouds add a certain mystique and moodiness.

Malta Photography

As I learn more things and start to get to grips with my new camera I’m hoping to share more and better pictures here, on Instagram and on my Facebook page, so if you’re a fan of Malta and enjoy seeing the best sides of this island, make sure you don’t miss them!

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