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Shops that Deliver to Malta 2019

9 February, 2019 4 comments

Shopping in Malta is pretty limited. It’s a tiny island and, whilst the selection of stores is improving every year, they don’t always offer the full ranges and you’ll find that shopping in Malta is often more expensive than elsewhere in Europe. For this reason, I always recommend online shopping when living in Malta. Most online shops deliver to Malta and, even better, delivery to Malta is often free and usually fast and reliable.

Full List of Online Stores Delivering to Malta 2019

Online shopping to Malta is fast, convenient and even if the store is based here on the island, it’s usually cheaper online, so make sure to check before making any purchases. Save yourself some money, grab a bargain and give yourself the biggest selection of brands possible.

Makeup Sites that Deliver to Malta for Free!

Clothing Sites that Deliver to Malta

Department Stores that Deliver to Malta

Tips for Shopping Online to Malta

When it comes to online shopping to Malta I have some tips and advice;

  • For important or large orders, opt for recorded/tracked delivery where possible. It’s more expensive but much less likely to go missing or be hit by long delays.
  • Be prepared for some wait times. Deliveries usually arrive in Malta quickly but things can be slow on this end.
  • Check online, even if the store is based in Malta. Often shops based here like River Island and Next are much cheaper online!
  • Never change the website’s currency to EUR. The conversions are always bad. Shop in the native currency- your bank will give the best exchange rate.

Free Online Delivery to Malta

As the years go by, more and more online shops add Malta as a delivery destination and most now offer free delivery to Malta. Many offer free online delivery to Malta on all orders and some will have a minimum spend to reach free delivery, so make sure to check out their ‘deliveries’ page in order to understand if delivery will be free.

Even those stores that do deliver to Malta, but for a fee, generally have very reasonable shipping costs, but if you find some that are a bit steep, make sure to save up your orders and get as much at once as possible or go in with some friends and all order at once to split the delivery between you. When online stores charge for delivery to Malta it’s usually a flat rate so the more you buy, the better value you get for the shipping fee!


Alex 26 March, 2016 - 8:48 am

Hopefully Lidl is going to open more stores in northern Malta, like in St Paul’s Bay, pretty soon. I know we need them!

Rhi 26 March, 2016 - 9:22 am

Yesss that would be amazing!

Danielle Whatley 26 July, 2016 - 8:11 am

Hi there. We are moving to Gozo next year and the acquisition of quality goods was worrying me (John Lewis!!) Thanks for your informative post. I’d love it if you’d keep an eye on our blog as it grows – I think you might have answers to some of our conundrums!

Corentin 12 March, 2020 - 12:17 pm


I find this online shop with delivery in Malta & Gozo : http://www.at-home.mt
I think they have the largest choice of products in delivery to Malta and Gozo.
IWe can say it’s like Amazon but for Malta.
Moreover the delivery from at-home.mt is very fast: 4-5 days.


See you


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