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Sailing to il-Ħofriet, Delimara

9 September, 2017 0 comment

il-Ħofriet is a point located on the south of Malta, near Delimara Bay and Marsaxlokk. It’s a place I’ve found myself just twice in 7 years and, after the most recent trip, it’s firmly cemented as one of my favourite spots to anchor and swim. The next time you find yourself on a boat in Malta, either taking out your own, sailing with friends, or having chartered, speak to the skipper and plan a route around the south of the island with a stop at il-Ħofriet.

Sail South in Malta

Due to Comino and the legendary Blue Lagoon being past the north of Malta, the majority of sailors will end up taking a northern route, and no wonder; it’s a place you absolutely have to see. But it’s also busy and loud and after you’ve seen it a few times, it’s nice to find a spot that is just as beautiful, but quieter and calmer and the perfect place to drop anchor and relax.

At il-Ħofriet in Malta, the sea is crystal clear, so snorkelers will have a great time exploring the depths. For the adventurous, there are some caves to explore and some cliffs to climb. For those who, like me, want to relax, the sea is as still as glass, the scenery is remarkable and the air is still and silent. The water, whilst not the same hue of blue as Comino, is still a gorgeous shade, and coupled with the white cliffs, hints of greenery and the stillness, it’s somewhere everyone can enjoy.

During my recent trip, we were lucky enough to see two very different sides to il-Ħofriet. When we arrived, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and the whole place was awash with colour. It looked like paradise. Even after the scorching summer we all only just survived, there are hints of green covering the land.

But after a few hours, the weekends promised storm began to sneak in early. The blue sky faded, the clouds crept in and the blue waters transformed to a steely grey, as the first rain drops began to fall. The air was still; for once there was no wind and we all stopped to watch the rain.

Sunsets in Malta

Not only is this the perfect bay to stop, swim, sunbathe and photograph, it’s also one of the most beautiful sunset spots in Malta. I adore watching the sun set from the sea, as the water adds twice as much colour and intensity to something already beautiful. Back in 2014, the first time I found myself at il-Ħofriet, we went for a sunset swim and I’d recommend it to any sunset chasers.

Intense yellow/orange sunset during a sunset cruise in Malta

il-Ħofriet, Delimara is one of the most beautiful places in Malta and one of the most underrated so next time you’re planning a boat trip, nudge the skipper to sail south and enjoy this forgotten charm for yourself.

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