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For such a small island, Malta has an incredible amount of bars, cafes and restaurants, with new ones popping up all the time. Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, just a light snack, a cup of coffee or a night out with delicious cocktails, you’ll find somewhere in Malta. 

Unfortunately, quality is not consistent in most places in Malta. It’s very common to have an amazing experience one day but then go back shortly after and be disappointed. For this reason I’ve listed my all time favourites (although even they have had the odd off day) plus a list of all my restaurant, bar and cafe reviews in Malta. 

Best Restaurants + Cafes in Malta

  • Salt Kitchen, St Pauls Bay (the mini donut dessert, oh my gosh!)
  • Kingsway Valletta (all about the breakfast!)
  • Mint Cafe, Sliema (moist banana bread and tasty coffee)
  • Manouche Craft Bakery, St Julians (try the chocolate truffles!)
  • Mamamia, Msida (cheap, tasty and super fast if you’re collecting)

Best Cocktails in Malta

  • Thirsty Barber, St Julians

Something I really hate about Malta in general are the cocktails. Yes they’re only usually around €5-€7 each and during happy hour you get two for that price but they are often very low quality. At best you might get premium spirits but then they’ll load it up with cheap, sugary fruit juices. I really like my cocktails to be sweet but not sickly. 

Thirsty Barber is in Paceville, which I hate and is a little more expensive than any other cocktail joint on the island but it’s totally worth the trip and the money. The staff are usually very cool and very friendly and they are real cocktail waiters. They don’t just make what’s on the menu, they are skilled at their craft and can create masterpieces on the spot. 

You wont find any cheap fruit juice in your cocktails here, just super premium spirits and fresh, light mixers. It really is a case of only the best and if you’re into cocktails, you must go and try it out. 

Restaurant Reviews in Malta

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