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My Resolutions for 2011

31 December, 2010 0 comment

1.       Join a gym


2.       Start actually saving money.

I have a transfer to a savings account set up monthly as of 2011 and at the moment I don’t know if I can get that money out before a year is up. My aim is to NEVER ASK THE BANK. If I don’t ask, then I can’t get to it!

3.       Make friends.

I’ve been out for drinks once with a couple from work and a guy who recently left and had a really nice time. I drank almost a bottle of wine before meeting them cuz I was so nervous- what the hell has happened to me! I want to make sure I go out with them more regularly and try (somehow) to meet new people.

4.       Be healthier.

Started this one already, I had a hospital scare a few weeks ago and it’s kicked me up the arse a bit. Trying to eat at least 3 of my 5 a day. I love fruit and veg so shouldn’t be too hard. I already find myself wanting my fruit at lunch time so it’s going well.

5.       Earn more money.

Be this getting a (deserved) promotion or finding a more suitable job. I’m worth more than I’m currently on, and I’m working a lot harder than I’m being paid for so something has got to give.

6.       Get a pet.

Would quite like us to get a kitten or a puppy in 2011. We’d both much rather a dog but they’re a lot more expensive and we’d need to take at least 2 or 3 weeks off work to begin with to get it settled in. So doesn’t look like it’d be feasible just now.

How to make your resolutions

  • Don’t overdo it. I feel it’s best to have a short list, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. If I don’t achieve everything it’s better than having a list of 20 aims I didn’t meet, in order to make me feel like an even bigger failure. Even if I only manage to keep up half of these, it wont be so bad.
  • Be realistic. No one likes disappointment so no need to make it harder for yourself. E.g Become a millionaire. Never going to happen, I don’t have the knowledge to land a job that could make this one true and winning that money is down to chance. I’d be setting myself up for failure.
  • Think long term. E.g Buy a house. Now, I’d love to be able to buy a house, but it’s not going to be realistic within a year. Break it down into manageable chunks. It’d be totally unrealistic to meet this target in 2011. Better to start lower- if I can begin saving this year, then next year I could set myself a saving target for a deposit and the next year aim to buy a house.

Most of all remember

You want your year to be enjoyable!!

You don’t want to be dogged down or stressed out trying to find ways to accomplish things that aren’t possible. And you certainly don’t want to come to December next year feeling like a failure for not meeting such hard targets. As long as I am positive and put in some effort I should have no trouble meeting my targets. They will benefit me, make me feel better physically and about myself and come December things like saving and eating healthy will now be a habit and I can start thinking bigger next year!

Good luck for next year everyone, make sure you enjoy tonight. What are your resolutions? Did you make any last year?

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