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Meet Kinnie the Kitten!

25 May, 2018 2 comments

I’m currently working on a post all about adopting a cat in Malta but whilst I work on that, I thought I’d introduce you to the little furball. We got Kinnie when she was around 9 weeks old and she’s now 11 weeks. She was the kitten of a young stray and is a European shorthair.

Now, I may be biased, but she is just about the cutest cat I’ve ever seen in my life.

The day we brought her home

When we first brought her home she was understandably terrified and all I could obsess over was whether she’d ever settle in and learn to love us. She was so tiny and refused to eat or drink the first few days so then I moved on to obsessing about her dying.

I didn’t sleep for the first week we had her as I’d get up almost hourly during the night to go check she was alive. And yes, a few nights, I resorted to sleeping on the sofa to be near her. Why the sofa? For the first few days she’d hardly move out from under it.

But after just 2 weeks with us she has settled right in. She is still the most photogenic, angelic looking kitten ever, but she can also be a little devil! Her favourite play time is any time we’re trying to sleep but I wouldn’t change a thing about her. Kinnie the kitten is energetic and playful but incredibly cuddly and loving.

She follows us wherever we go and when she’s tired herself out from running around, jumping and diving like a maniac, she likes nothing more than sitting on our shoulders, nuzzling our necks and purring like a truck.


Kinnie has an Instagram (of course she does!) so make sure to follow her for more cute cat spam. Stay tuned for more information on how to adopt a cat in Malta with my advice on shelters, groups, vets and pet stores!


Miuh 26 May, 2018 - 10:20 am

There are so many abandonned and stray cats in Malta… I know a Woman with a great, caring organisation behind who is with an immense effort looking after over 200 Cats. She is neutering and feeding them, providing medicine or bringing them to the vet when necessary. I was shocked when I visited her and found out how “small” the area she can cover is…
Just great, one of the cats found a forever loving home with you! Wouldn’t you like to have a second one of the same age? They could play together and would not be allone when you are out… I know, it s more work, more food, more costs, but more joy too ;-)
Wishing you a miau-good time! Miuh

Kevin 26 May, 2018 - 5:09 pm

Congratulations on the new family member! Yes, you’re prejudiced, but yes, she is really cute! Part Bengal? I’m planning to bring my cat to Malta. Cheers!


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