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Malta Weather September 2018

27 August, 2018 0 comment

I can’t really believe that September 2018 is upon us already. The month of my birthday (yay!) and the month when my countdown to Christmas really begins! This summer seemed like it started a little late but the current weather in Malta suggests that it’ll be here for a while longer to make up for it!

Average Malta Temperature in September

malta summer september 2018 day time sunshine

The average temperature in Malta in September is 28°C during the day and 20°C during the evenings. August was around 5°C hotter than the usual average and September 2018 weather in Malta is set to follow the same trend. With temperatures still hitting the early 30s and humidity of way over 60% you’re looking at another hot month.

September Weather

In general, one can expect a few days of rain in September. We had some unexpected showers in August so either we’ll end up dry as a bone this month or else we’ll get our 3 damp days and it’ll be the wettest summer for a while! Summer showers in Malta are nothing much to worry about. Expect a sudden shower, out of nowhere. It’ll be torrential but it’ll be over before you even find somewhere to run for cover. Give the streets 20 mins to drain (as they tend to flood) and it’ll be back to 30+°C and sunny again. 

September 2018 Day Temperature 

The daytime temperatures in Malta for September 2018 are set to fall slightly from that hot, hot August. It will sit slightly more comfortably around the 28 – 31°C mark, however, humidity is still set to be high so don’t expect too much relief during the day just yet. 

September 2018 Evening Temperature

malta summer september 2018 evening

The good news is that the evening temperatures in Malta in 2018 have already started to fall and are now much more enjoyable. It’s still warm and still a little sticky but with a gentle breeze and temperatures in the low 20s, around 23 – 25°C, making it much more bearable. In September, if you’re not uber sensitive to the heat, you’ll probably be able to sleep with just a fan on, rather than the AC, especially towards the end of the month. 

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