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Malta Weather October 2018

4 October, 2018 1 comment

October is always an unpredictable weather month in Malta and so far, even though we’re only 4 days in, it has not disappointed. The temperature has already dropped considerably from September and is now sitting around 23 – 25°C. It’s getting to the point where it’s still super warm and humid outside, but inside is becoming chilly, especially at night. 

Average Malta Temperature in October

The average high temperature for Malta in October is 25°C, the daily mean is more like 21°C and the average low is 18°C. How this really translates is that during the day, it’s warm; wear your shorts and sandals and during the night, outside it’ll be quite mild; a thin jumper will do. Inside is a different story. It’s time for the winter PJs to come out which, for me, means a vest top, some comfy flannel trousers and thermal socks. 

October Storms in Malta

But there is something else you need to watch out for, apart from the rather mild, but chillier than September, temperatures, and that’s STORMS. In October in Malta, you are going to need a rain coat and a sturdy pair of wellington boots. There will be rain. It wont be often and it wont be for long, but it will be heavy and the streets will flood. 

For the most part, the rain will be heavy for a short period of time, maybe 10 – 20 minutes. During that time, any low land will be completely flooded, sewers will burst and there will be absolute chaos. It’ll remain grey and drizzly for maybe an hour, then the sky will clear up and it’ll be back to summer before you know it. 

Very occasionally you may get a whole grey day but the rain never lasts, it always comes in short, sharp bursts, but don’t underestimate how much havoc a short shower can cause. 

October Weather: Summer or Fall

October is impossible to categorise. There will be days and days where the weather is full on summer type weather; too hot, too sticky and the sun pounding down. Then there will be the days where the torrential downpour leaves you stuck at the office, unable to leave. There will be nights where you’ll pop the AC on, and nights where you snuggle up and wish you’d got your winter duvet out already. 

Things to Do in Malta in Winter

Now the weather in Malta is starting to change, it’s important to keep busy in new ways. Lots of people struggle with things to do in Malta once the summer is over, so I have compiled a list of things to do in Malta when the weather is bad; whether it’s just a bit chilly or full on storming.

Winter is Coming

Now winter is on it’s way, you’ll need to know the truth about winter in Malta. Most expat websites, blogs and forums will delight you with tales of how short and mild the winters are, but they are not without their issues. For one, you WILL need a pair of wellies. For another, it may be 20+ degrees outside, but expect to be frozen at home if you don’t have a good set of thermals. 

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Wow, it rains like crazy.


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