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Malta Weather August 2018

4 August, 2018 2 comments

As August 2018 begins, I wanted to talk about the weather in Malta this summer. It seemed like summer took forever to get going this year, but now it’s here, it’s here in force! Summer in Malta always has show stopping temperatures, sitting between southern Italy and northern Africa, it’s really no surprise and whether you live here or will be holidaying in Malta in August 2018, you need to be prepared.


Temperature in Malta August 2018


August 2018 began with daytime temperatures in the early to mid 30s, ranging from around 32 – 35°C and it’s not likely to cool down for the rest of the month. The recorded actual temperatures are already hot but the humidity is intense and the real feel each day has been around 38 – 40°C so expect more of the same. 

The recorded average for this time of year is a little lower, around the 29°C mark so it’s an especially hot August 2018 in Malta!

The evenings in Malta will be a little cooler than the summer day temperatures, but expect to sweat! There will be little relief from the days heat. Ranging from 25 – 27°C outside, you’ll probably experience temperatures of the high 30s inside; until you get that AC cranked up. Because of the humidity, there is so little air and you’ll only find a cool breeze on very lucky days, very close to the sea. 


UV Index August 2018

This part is so important. It’s hot, so it’s obvious that we need to be careful. Stay out of the sun during the hottest hours of the day (11:00 – 15:00) wherever possible, especially with animals and children. Make sure to drink plenty of water and if you are outside, get on the highest factor sunblock you can find. In Malta this August so far each day has a recorded UV index of the absolute maximum: 10 and this will be the same story for the rest of the month. 

However well you normally tan, however immune you think you are from sunburn, the sun will be doing an incredible amount of damage this month so use your brain, stay safe and protect yourselves. 

Summer Storms

When the weather gets this hot and the air gets this thick, I begin praying for thunderstorms. Thunderstorms are not uncommon in Malta in summer, especially around August, but they aren’t a daily, or even weekly occurrence. Expect one or two usually in August, but enjoy them! The lightening shows in Malta are absolutely insane, especially if the storm hits out at sea. The rainfall is likely to be heavy so I wouldn’t recommend going out during a storm, but I also love running to the sea, standing a safe distance from the waves and enjoying the show. You’ll be treated to blinding flashes of pink, purple and blue and thunder that’ll wake the heaviest of sleepers. 

malta weather winter 2018 rain storm


These storms are impressive, sometimes frightening but usually over pretty soon and once they have dissipated they leave a few hours of fresh air in their wake, breaking the humidity for a short period. 

7 Day Weather Forecast Malta August 2018

The 7 day weather forecast warns of heavy thunderstorms on Sunday 5th August 2018. After this we’ll experience a hot but cloudy week. Temperatures are set to sit around the early 30s, 32 – 34°C so bearable, before cranking up again the week after. 

But no fear, especially if you’re here on holiday. Don’t let the phrase ‘partly cloudy’ in a Malta weather forecast dampen your spirits. More often than not it refers to a single, fluffy white cloud amidst a sea of blue skies so it’s not likely to get in the way of your beach going plans. However if the sky does cloud over, don’t get too comfortable. It may look a little gloomy but those 9 and 10 UV index rays are as dangerous as ever, so don’t let your sunblock routine slip. 


Konrad Mizzi 31 August, 2018 - 1:14 pm

I have been there and really like the place, wish to visit again. Nice post.

Keith Hassall 23 July, 2019 - 9:22 pm

I’ll be coming to Malta on 5 August can you recommend places to visit and good local place’s to eat Maltese food


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