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24 July, 2012 1 comment

Whether you’re working in Malta and are thinking of asking for a payrise, are looking at a new job and aren’t sure what wage to ask for, or if you’re looking at moving to Malta and want to know what sort of wage you should look at to be able to live comfortably then the Malta Tax Calculator app is a must have!

First things first, this app will cost you 79c (price may vary for other currencies) however all proceeds are selflessly going to a local charity, Puttinu Cares, which helps children (and their families) in Malta suffering from cancer. One of the most worthy causes on the Island I think you will agree. I certainly don’t mind paying for good apps, but I’m especially happy to pay when I know the money is going somewhere truly deserving.

Not sure how much salary you will ask for in your next job interview? Or you simply need to know how much money you are earning on an hourly basis? Malta Tax Calculator is an easy to use app for Maltese and expat employees to calculate how much money out of their salary goes to tax. Simply enter your gross annual income and your marital status, Malta Tax Calculator will instantly show you how much money is left in your wallet. Based on your gross annual income the app also gives you a detailed summary of what you are earning on a monthly, weekly and hourly basis (both Gross and Net income).

All data is accurate and conforms to the Inland Revenue Tax Bands 2012.

(Words taken from SmashApp.Com)

Here is an example of the app in action. It couldn’t be simpler. I simply entered 45,000 as my desired salary (a girl can dream!) selected ‘Single’ from the choices of ‘Single’, ‘Married’ and ‘Parent’ and clicked OK. This displays my annual income post tax below.

I then just click on the lower figure and it opens up a detailed breakdown of the gross and net yearly, monthly, weekly and hourly rates!

photo-24-07-2012-19-43-13 photo-24-07-2012-19-43-18

I know how often this app will be used by anyone based in Malta or looking to move here as I’ve sat and poured over a calculator countless times before trying various combinations to work out what wage I should ask for, or what I’ll get after a payrise. We all want to know where we stand after tax so we can plan and budget for the month ahead.

It’s simplicity, its useful information and the little details make this app a pleasure to use. The leather look background looks smart and sleek and I love the notepad format of the additional information. I’m a real sucker for details!

Is this something you’d find useful, have you downloaded it already?

1 comment

Paul 24 July, 2012 - 8:23 pm

Downloaded. Excellent little app for working out what you’ll be getting.


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