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Malta Gift Guide: Affordable Scented Melts from My Melts

23 November, 2015 3 comments

I love candles and scented candles even more, but something I’ve really been into recently it’s scented melts. They’re effectively scented candle wax in tiny little tablets, that you put in a burner and melt with a tea light underneath.

Malta Gift Guide: Affordable Scented Melts from My Melts

Why Melts Instead of Candles?

I’ve been preferring them to actual candles as they’re much smaller, so I can mix up the scents faster (rather than waiting weeks to finish a candle!) and I can pick up a bunch of different varieties at once, without breaking the bank. I was browsing a few months ago and came across My Melts on Instagram. I’ve had my eye on them ever since and now the weather is getting a bit cooler I like to make the place cozy with candles and scents so I decided to finally go ahead and make an order.

About My Melts

My Melts are based on the island making them the perfect gifts in Malta and were created by Anastasia (beautiful name!) Abela. She created scented melts in order to lift people’s moods and help them make their house a home. Her melts are hand made, created from 90% soy bean and 10% vegetable fat. I can’t say I know what that means but apparently it makes them good for you and the environment so it sounds like a plus to me. I love supporting local businesses and home made products especially so I was really exicited to give My Melts a try and hopefully become a regular customer.

Where to Buy My Melts

My Melts Malta are stocked in a huge range of shops and cafes around the island and are also available to buy online (with free delivery in Malta and Gozo!), so if you’re looking for gifts in Malta, they are perfect. I did find buying a bit complicated as you do it through the My Melts Malta facebook page and the ‘Shop Now’ button doesn’t actually work- it just reloads the timeline. But you just have to scroll down a little to “Apps” on the left hand side and select “Shop”. You’ll then be able to see all the different scented melts available (plus some extras like burners!) and can choose between;

  • Large Heart: €2.00
  • Small Heart: €1.00

For my first try I decided to get a bunch of small hearts for just €1 each and I went for Ocean Mist, Caribbean Coconut, Coffee Caramel Cream, Roasted Hazelnut and Black Magic, that’s 5 different scents for just €5 (free shipping). It’s a great (and cheap!) way to choose lots of different scents on offer, to then pick your favourites and buy the bigger ones next time.

Malta Gift Guide: Affordable Scented Melts from My Melts

Gift Guide in Malta: Packaging

This was the best smelling parcel I’ve received in a long time and was really nicely done. They came in a tiny recyclable cardboard box with some pretty pink tissue paper and a small leaflet with some information. I’ve seen on Instagram that sometimes the parcels are nicely wrapped with a ribbon too; the little touches really mean a lot to me and make a big difference.

Malta Gift Guide: Scented Melts Review

The small hearts really are tiny, but you can burn one alone and still get a really great kick of scent. Anastasia claims that the scent lasts around a week, which I’d agree with. I found that these tiny hearts, which didn’t even half fill my burner, smelt delicious, covered the whole apartment in their aroma and lasted for 3/4 burns, leaving me very impressed for just €1 a piece. After trying these 5 little beauties I’ll definitely be getting some Large Hearts in Carribbean Coconut, and Coffee Caramel and will be slowly trying Small Hearts of all the other scents on offer. My next batch will probably contain Berrydazzle, Fruit Blast, Love Spell and Mid Summer’s Night and I’ll work through the lot until I’ve tried them all!

The Perfect Christmas Gifts in Malta

I’ll absolutely be getting more of these for myself and will be using My Melts as my go-to store when it’s time for gift giving; whenever I’m looking for Christmas gifts in Malta, birthday presents or any kind of thank you or special treat. They are super cheap, but great quality so you can really get a good range of scents and look super generous, but know that your present will be loved. The packaging is cute enough to be given directly as a Christmas gift in Malta or a birthday present and the items arrive quickly once you’ve ordered so there are no delays or hassles at all.


Julia 27 November, 2015 - 7:56 pm

Thanks so much for posting it! As I live in Mosta currently, I went to the shop and it is a lovely small place and the variety of the melts is incredible. Let’s just say, I left with the burner and 6 different melts. I have never tried melts before but after one evening , I can say it is much better than the candles. Even in the spacious Maltese flat I can feel the scent almost everywhere. Thanks for the suggestion.

Rhi 27 November, 2015 - 8:22 pm

Yay I’m so glad you popped in and liked it! I really want to get to Mosta and check out the shop, smell all the different scents

Elaine 30 November, 2015 - 2:48 pm

I got some a while back and loved them. Picked up more at the Xmas market on sunday for some festive scents. x


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