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Finding a Job in Malta- My Work History!

3 September, 2014 5 comments

I get asked all kinds of questions about Malta and life here, but something that’s been cropping up a lot recently is variations of ‘do you work?’. For all of you who are interested- yes, I do work. I thought I’d do a post to satisfy all you nosy parkers but also to give a little more of my personal experience with finding a job in Malta, in the hope that it might be useful to others.


All I ask, is that if you contact anyone I’ve linked in this post, please let them know I recommended you- maybe even copy me into the mail (movingonupaway@gmail.com). You are not entitled to of course but it looks really good for me when companies know people are acting on my recommendations and I’d be hugely thankful!

The places linked in this post are all ones I have used personally and the opinions expressed are from my own experience and absolutely truthful, honest and all that jazz.

Job #1 in UK

In the UK I worked in gaming. I started off as a cashier in a betting shop at 18- having no prior betting or gambling experience- and loved it. I was initially working part time in a supermarket but needed something less mind numbing and better paid. I lived in a small town and just happened to see a job listing in the window of a high-street bookmaker, so just went in and asked for an interview.

I thrived at this job and soon became full time, then deputy manager and finally a store manager. It was only a small, quiet shop but it was a big responsibility and I often moved around to other, bigger and busier shops covering sick and holidays.

I worked for the betting company for around 2 years however, due to the fact mine was a small shop, in a small town, with many other bookmakers, the decision was taken to close it down. I was kept on and continued full time as a manager doing relief work all around the area, also helping to organise and maximise other shops to make them more efficient but I eventually got tired of constant 12 hour working days with long commutes each morning and night.

Job #2 in UK

I left the high-street bookmakers to work as customer support for a gaming website- my first step into ‘iGaming’. I dealt with the sportsbook side of things (no poker or casino queries) and dealt with customer queries via email and telephone. It was pretty gruelling- the customers were horrible, the shifts were crappy and the wage wasn’t great. I worked 6 days on, 3 days off and of those 6 days on, 3 were ‘early shifts’ and 3 were ‘late shifts’. It was great experience though and I gained extra knowledge in lots of other areas of gaming such as KYC (verifications), fraud, payments, dealing with Key Account customers and occasionally acted as a ‘team leader’ dealing with escalated calls, all of which is valuable.

It was whilst there that I met Joe and we decided to move to Malta (why Malta?). Malta is full of gaming companies and as we had experience we figured we’d find something when we got here.

Finding a job in Malta

– Research

We googled which gaming companies were in Malta and directly contacted those we thought we’d like to work with and Joe actually got his first job here this way. This is great as it gets you on the radar of companies who might not actually be advertising roles, why limit yourself to those just posting adverts? If you have a great attitude and experience, a company who don’t realise they need someone might see it and go- damn, we want to meet this person! They will also keep it on file, so if a position does come up, they’ll remember you. Plus, if you go direct, you’re ‘free’ and the company doesn’t have to pay any agency finders fee.

– Recruitment Sites

As well as research, we sent our CVs to a few recruitment agencies. The one that introduced me to my first job was Quad Consultancy. The guy I spoke with was entirely mad but really helpful and spent a lot of time with me practising interview question, giving me tips on how to structure my answers. He doesn’t work there any more but they’re always the first site I go to when I’m looking for jobs (for myself, or for others) as they have a great range of high and lower level jobs, from lots of industries and are a pleasure to deal with.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 17.21.42

I had two interviews and was offered the position.

Job #1 in Malta

The company created an affiliate program software used by gaming companies. So although I wasn’t working for a gaming company, it was still very much related and I learnt so much about affiliation at this job. My title was ‘Account Executive’ but the role was that of an Account Manager- we each had dedicated clients (the gaming companies) and we answered their questions about the software, helped them set up their affiliate program effectively, did reviews on their setup to make sure it was correct and suggest improvements, sold them add-ons that were relevant to their system and so on.

I really enjoyed this job and met my best friends on the island there, but I didn’t have much love for the company. They didn’t treat us all that well, we had zero perks, getting holiday approved was a nightmare and to ask for a pay rise was about the worst thing you could do. Ambition was frowned upon and treated as greed.

Finding a job in Malta

– Recruitment Sites

After around 6 months in my first job here, I signed my updated CV up to a few recruiters and was contacted by Hyperion, saying they had a job I might be interested in. I don’t actually remember signing up to Hyperion, but they had my details and emailed me with the job so I must have done at some point. They’re not based in Malta so all our conversations were via telephone and email but they were efficient and helpful. The didn’t offer the extensive assistance that Quad did but by this point I didn’t really need interview coaching.

They kept in touch with me frequently and I never had to chase them for updates, which is a very rare thing when looking for a job in Malta!

Job #2 in Malta

I had a phone interview, had a physical interview in Sweden and was offered a job. Again, outside of iGaming but linked- this was for a payment provider which is very popular on online gaming websites but is also available in e-com.

I started here as corporate support, answering emails from our gaming company clients,  but as the company was very new and only just opening in Malta, I was able to bend and mould the job roles to suit me. I started consulting with merchants- meeting them to gather feedback on our product and suggested improvements, providing training on our back office to new and existing clients, providing faster support (response in 3 hours rather than 24!) and other bits and bobs. Very quickly I became much more than ‘just’ support and was building relationships with clients, meeting them regularly and offering extra services to our clients that our competitors could not.

After a while I was promoted to an Account Manager but, for one thing, at this company, an Account Manager doesn’t have the necessary authority to be an effective Account Manager and for another, it just isn’t the role for me.

The future in Malta

I am actually in the process of leaving this company (this is the huge change I’ve been hinting at for ages now!) but I’ve had a great 3 and a half years here. It’s just not where I want to spend the next 3 and a half years of my life.

I have a wealth of experience and know myself a lot better than I did when I first moved here; I know what I want to do, what I’m good at and where I want to be. Sadly the company can’t (or wont) offer me the role that fits, so the time has come to say ‘Thank you, but good night!”. I met some wonderful people here who I will keep in contact with so it’s all on very good terms.

There is room for progression there, as long as it’s where they want to put you, which means I’d be stuck in a role that I don’t particularly enjoy and am not especially good at- which is bad for my confidence and moral and also bad for the company. However much you like your employer, however loyal you feel to them, it’s not worth dreading your day at work each morning just to keep them happy. You need to be happy and what’s what I’ve decided I’m going to be.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 11.16.24

I will talk about my next chapter in another post once things have settled down, once I’m settled in and I know exactly what I’m doing, but for now, I hope this has satiated your curiosity and maybe helped a few of you who might be job hunting in Malta!


Rich 1 December, 2014 - 7:38 pm

Very interesting, thanks for the insider info!

I’m considering moving to Malta, and I’d be interested to know how you’ve found getting by with the typical salary over there.

From what I’ve seen so far, pay is often below what you might expect for a similar role in the UK. Have you found this to be the case? If so, does it seem like you have less money, or does the lower cost of living in Malta make up for it?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

Rhi 2 December, 2014 - 11:43 am

It varies vastly depending on the industry to be honest. Most jobs here will pay much less than the UK- if there is even a minimum wage here, it’s very small, so shop, bar, hotel work etc is very low paid compared to the UK. I read somewhere that the average yearly wage in Malta was €13k, but I’m not sure how true or up to date that is. However other areas such as banking, IT and iGaming are the same, if not higher than the UK.

Money definitely goes further here, as long as you were able to live in cheaper areas (Msida if you want to be near the centre, or Bugibba up north and most places down south) then you could live on a wage like €15k a year. Rent in the mentioned places can be as low as €250/€300 a month for a large (not modern) place so you’d still have a decent amount left over. Things like eating out and drinking are much cheaper, a lot of things you’ll do (like going to the beach) are free and public transport is incredibly cheap (€1.50 for a day pass).

If you want a more specific idea of wages, drop me an email with the kind of job you’d be interested in and I can see if I can give you a more exact idea, maybe even put you in touch with some recruiters if I know any in that area :) movingonupaway@gmail.com

Good luck!

Rich 2 December, 2014 - 9:05 pm

Thanks, Rhi :)

It’s IT that I work in, so I feel reassured that you say salaries in that sector are comparable to the UK. I’ve actually got a possible job lined up, had two telephone interviews that have gone really well, I’m now supposed to mail them with my salary expectations and I really had no idea where to start! I’ll mail them a UK-type salary and see what they come back with.

If rent and social life are so much more affordable over there then it looks like it could be a no-brainer from the financial point of view. That said, I’m looking to move out of the UK not for financial reasons, but quality of life – I’m looking for a more relaxed pace of life, some beautiful scenery and sea, and number one, a more agreeable climate!

I’m frankly tired of the endless grey skies in the UK, where a 2 day break in the clouds is classed as a heatwave :)

Rhi 2 December, 2014 - 9:21 pm

Excellent, sounds really promising! I’d be totally honest with them- at the end of the day you want to get what you’re worth, but don’t want to scare them off by saying a number over what they’re offering. I’d tell them that you’re not familiar with the average salary for the role in Malta but you’d expect around XX based on your experience or whatever. They’ll either give you what you want or will know they can come back with a counter offer.

I totally know what you mean, we came here not really caring about the money at all, we didn’t have jobs or anything, we just wanted a different life. Here, it’s so easy. Everyone is so much more chilled out (too much so sometimes, but that’s not so bad) and even the worst weather is pretty amazing. I just had a month in the UK and could not believe the greyness… it was so depressing!

Good luck with the job, I’d love to hear how you get on!

Rich 3 December, 2014 - 10:21 pm

I took your advice and admitted not being acquainted with the typical Maltese salary for the role while mentioning what I felt was a fair rate given my experience.

Now I wait and see what they come back with! I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks for your help!


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