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Introducing: Healthy and Delicious Snacks in Malta From Noberasco!

18 March, 2016 0 comment

I had never heard of Noberasco before VJ Salomone Marketing got in touch but now my cupboards are permanently stocked with these delicious and healthy snacks. I’m a real snacker, and jump from sugar rush to sugar rush, so finding Noberasco products has really help me cut down on bad sugars and enjoy an energy boost from a much better source. They have so many different products to choose from that it wont matter if you’re a fruit person, cereal bar lover, sweet addict or prefer nuts and seeds, you’ll find something to love.

Who is Noberasco?


Noberasco is a company that has been around since way back in 1908, always dedicating itself to providing quality fruit snacks to the health conscious. Noberasco is a leading fruit and nut snack provider in Italy for many years and has now become readily available in Malta, meaning we can get our hands on super foods for super low prices! Noberasco prides itself on providing top quality, organic, health snacks, being very choosy about where they source their fruit and nuts in order to give consumers the best products possible. 

Healthy Snacks and Clean Eating in Malta with Noberasco

For me, the stand out products were the Super Fruitti range (resealable bags filled with super foods) and the “Viva” range of dried fruits (such as Viva il Fico- figs, Viva il Mango, Viva la Mela- apples). This brand is just what Malta needed, making things like papaya, goji berries and chia seeds readily available, easy to store and super affordable which also makes being healthy easier than ever.


If you’ve been following me on my new Instagram: @maltagram, you’ll probably have spotted that I haven’t been well recently (I’m fine!) and for quite a while I could not eat anything without throwing up. But the one thing I could manage? The delicious Noberasco Viva il Mango! It gave me an energy kick and filled my poor, empty stomach enough that I started to feel human again. Now, my cupboards are bursting with different treats and I find myself reaching for them much more than my chocolate and crisps.

Healthy Recipe Ideas

Not only is the product range vast, the items are really versatile. Enjoy them ‘as is’ for a quick and easy snack, or incorporate them into salads, smoothie bowls, mix into your muesli; there is no end to the combinations. Healthy eating never has to be boring again. If you’re looking for some tasty and easy inspiration for healthy snacks, using Noberasco in Malta, check out this insanely amazing Pina Colada Chia Seed Pudding from An Architect Abroad.

Where to Buy Noberasco Healthy Food in Malta

Fancy trying some of these clean eating snacks in Malta? Find them in loads of stores across the island;

  • D-Food Doctor (San Gwann)
  • GS Superstore (Naxxar)
  • Smart Supermarket (Balzan)
  • Sparkle Image (Gzira)
  • Park Towers (Santa Venera)
  • Nutrition Empire (Zabbar)
  • Arkadia Supermarket (St Julians)
  • Pure Cafe (Sliema)

Noberasco Malta 20% Discount Code March 2016

Or if you’re based in Malta, you can shop online and, until the end of March, enjoy my 20% discount code on all items in the Noberasco range! Simply visit VJ Salomone’s online store and use my code:

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