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If you’re looking for hotels in Malta then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve lived in Malta for 5 years but love nothing better than spending my weekend at various Malta hotels so I can fully review them for your information. It’s fun for me and great for you as I weed out the best and worst hotels in Malta with my reviews.  I try to mix up cheap hotels in Malta with higher end 4* and 5* hotels in Malta so there will be something for everyones budget, as well as moving across the island to find hotels in all different areas.

The list of hotels in Malta will grow continually. As I keep treating myself to the odd weekend of luxury, new reviews of hotels in Malta will be added so keep coming back. Whether you’re looking for a hotel for a weekend break to Malta or a full blown holiday in Malta, there will be a hotel to suit you. Once you’ve picked your hotel, don’t forget to check out my other handy guides, lists of things to do in Malta and information on the rocky and sandy beaches in Malta so you make the most of your time on this beautiful Mediterranean island.

There is so much to take into account when you’re looking to book a hotel in Malta. The price and location are two huge factors, but you also want to know what kind of sights and attractions are nearby, how good is the public transport and what kind of condition is the hotel in. Will you get value for money, are the rooms big, clean, decorated well? You’ll want to know what the restaurants and breakfast is like in your Malta hotel, so I try and give as much information as possible in every review as well as plenty of real life, traveller photos that I take myself during my stay.

My reviews of hotels in Malta are always completely impartial and honest and I try and include all the information that I’d like to know when booking a hotel myself. Hotels in Malta are super cheap in the winter, so I often spend the weekend staying at the nicest hotels on the island for a bargain price. It’s a great way of finding out if they’d be worth the full price in the summer, when they can cost up to x10 more!

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