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Hiking in Malta: Delimara Trail

15 February, 2019 0 comment

Between the beautiful little villages of Marsaxlokk and Marsacala is a delightfully green patch of land called Delimara. This area consists of hills, coastal lines and the national treasure that is St Peter’s Pool. You’ll find vast, open spaces, a kind of peace that you don’t usually find on this crowded island and air fresher than anywhere else in Malta.

This area is hilly, it’s rocky, it’s green and it’s surrounded by the deep, blue, Mediterranean sea. If you’re looking for hiking trails in Malta, this is a must see. The area is one of the most stunning on the island and whilst, no, Malta isn’t full of forests and greenery, it’s as lush a place as the island has. Whether you want a short, easy hike, or something more challenging, this area has paths for everyone.

We began our ramble near the lighthouse, so were instantly submersed in an alien landscape, filled with bushes, brambles and the historic salt pans. I don’t know what it is about these man carved formations, but they just invoke this feeling of magic within me. I love them.

As you walk around this area, you’ll need to be careful of ‘private property’ which is not actually private at all. A huge amount of people over the years have appropriated public land for themselves, building illegal structures which were ignored (or even deliberately offered) by the government and have now become a permanent fixture. These illegal dwellings generally encroach on public pathways and, as you can imagine, the kind of people who will illegally claim land as their own are not the kind of people you generally want to be associating with. If you ‘trespass’ on ‘their’ land you are likely to be screamed at, chased by people or dogs (whom they beat and neglect, specifically to make them aggressive), threatened and even possibly shot at. So watch the ‘private’ signs and don’t try to be a hero.

These hikes are best to attempt outside of summer. Pick those sunny, but chilly days where the exertion will keep you warm, without being uncomfortable. The sunshine really is the best lighting and the colours you’ll experience will show you another side to Malta, a side that so many people I speak to seem to go years without ever noticing.

Hiking is the kind of thing to do in Malta that can be totally personalised. As I mentioned, you can take it easy, or go expert. You can have a peaceful, relaxing day alone, enjoying the smell of nature, the salty air, the sound of birds (outside of hunting season anyway) or go with friends, take a picnic, laugh, fly your drones and enjoy.

Anytime you are craving a bit of really fresh air, or are missing the sights, sounds and smells of nature, or want to test out a new camera, or maybe spend some quality time with friends, family and loved ones, I’d recommend heading to Delimara and walking, hiking or rambling to your hearts content.

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