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Fun services whilst locked down in Malta

23 March, 2020 1 comment

Whether you’re on mandatory quarantine or practising social distancing as part of the #staythefuckhome movement chances are you’ll need a few things to help you get through.

Official advice during this pandemic in Malta is to simply stay home with only the people who live in your household- so if you’re one of the absolute morons still hosting huge family gatherings at home or in public places go get a clue.

For those responsible amongst us I compiled a list of useful services and apps to help you survive lockdown in Malta.

Find information on services such as:

  1. Clothing + makeup stores that deliver to Malta
  2. wine home delivery
  3. cocktail home delivery
  4. delicious cake home delivery
  5. the best food takeout apps
  6. luxury food delivery
  7. instant pickup/delivery services

Alcohol home delivery

Cocktail home delivery in Malta with Molecular Fusion

Molecular Fusion is the cocktail company that likely serviced any party you went to in the past few years in Malta. If there was a cocktail bar, with actually proper, good cocktails, then it was probably these guys.

But, since now all parties, events and gatherings are shut down, they decided to extend the service to us at home! They are offering home delivery with a fun Covid-19 themed cocktail menu.

Cocktails are delivered in small plastic bottles (this part is a shame for the environment) that contain two servings. There is no minimum order, delivery costs €3 and you can order from them on the day the drinks are required.

Wine and spirits delivery with One Hour Wines

GODSEND. One Hour Wines site allows you to order wines, soft drinks, spirits and snacks direct to your door in Malta and they aim to deliver in less than an hour. If they don’t manage, they’ll give you 10% off their next order.

Their selection is quite limited, but you’re staying home right, so it’s not like it has to be something super fancy.

One Hour Wines order info

  • €30 minimum order
  • open 10AM – 10PM weekdays
  • open 11AM to 10:30PM weekends

One Hour Wines selection info

  • prices for a bottle of wine range from under €7 to around €72
  • prices for a bottle of spirits range from €18 to €74
  • spirits include vodka, rum, whiskey, one crappy tequila, grappa and quite a few more

Beautifully baked cakes direct to your door!

Naked Bakes is a small, local company that always get me salivating with their gorgeous pictures on Facebook. I used them for a few celebration treats for a client and had great feedback so whilst we’re locked up at home, feeling rather out of sorts, I thought why not treat ourselves to one of those amazing cakes.

You don’t always need a special occassion to treat yourself. Sometimes it’s nice to just allow yourself a ‘pick me up’ when needed and you can do so whilst supporting a lovely local business.

Contact them for their menu and they will deliver! Usually to Swiqi and surrounding areas but if you’re further out, get in touch anyway and they’ll see what they can do. No delivery fee and depending on demand they can usually deliver within 1 working day. Enjoy!

Food delivery apps in Malta

You’ll most likely be aware of these, but just in case you’re not usually one to order food delivery in Malta:

  • Bolt Food – best service, best app
  • Time to Eat – the longest-standing, app sucks, use the website
  • Zaype – best prices
  • Amigos – have their own app
  • Emperor of India – OK, no app but you can order online and it’s the best Indian food in Malta

Luxury dinner delivery in Malta

If you fancy something a bit more special than the usual takeout in Malta, a few luxury restaurants have created new menus especially to help those at home enjoy some of the finer things in life. This is a lovely initiative to keep themselves in business and give us all a bit more choice!

They are delivering to a number of different localities in Malta. If ordered before 8:30PM then food is delivered the same day. Delivery is free on orders over €30, or €5 on orders under that amount.

Pickup + Deliver your orders with Fetchit

A big problem right now with many grocery stores is that you’re advised not to go out and visit them and some of you are under mandatory quarantine so can’t go out and visit them but all the ones offering home delivery are booked up for weeks.

Fetchit can help you with this and other errands you’re not able to run right now. For example, we are fostering a cat and needed some medicine picked up for her. I don’t drive and a taxi would end up quite expensive. So I called the vet, told them what I needed, had my order put aside and ordered a Fetchit courier to go and pick it up for me. The service itself cost €7 (but will vary depending on distance) and they dropped the order off to me around 30 mins after I created the task.

For other critical stores, try calling them and having your items set aside. Then order Fetchit to go and collect. They are even able to pay for the order for you, then just pay them when they arrive via Revolut.

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anitafosen 25 March, 2020 - 8:39 pm

Thanks for sharing this! I already wrote about food delivery (and have used it a lot lately) but have been looking for a great cake delivery, so I will check out Naked Bakes now! Stay safe x

Love from Anita / https://dinewinelove.com/


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