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Food Delivery in Malta 2018

18 April, 2012 6 comments

One thing that used to frustrate me was the lack of online services such as ordering food delivery in Malta online. Luckily a number of restaurants have caught on and there are now a few great services for ordering food delivery online and you can pay online by card as well.

Food Delivery Pay By Card 2018

I really hate paying cash on delivery as I rarely have cash, never have correct change and the drivers often can’t split bills, so being able to pay for food delivery by card online is a huge win!

Time to Eat = Easy Food Delivery in Malta: Pay By Card + Order Online!

The first place you should look, especially if you’re not sure what’s available or what you fancy is Time to Eat. It’s an all round website, where you can order from any restaurant in Malta that offers food delivery. You can see them all on this site, order online and even pay online, or by cash, whichever you prefer.

Food Delivery in Malta

It’s a really handy service as they arrange deliveries from a number of places who don’t usually do delivery and it’s so much easier to order online than have to call up. I also love that you can pay by card, you don’t have to worry about getting the right change, or be faced with a delivery guy who can’t give you yours!

Time to Eat Malta should be the first choice if you’re looking for food delivery in Malta as it has everything you need in one place. We use it regularly and have never had any issues at all. I’m so happy this exists! They make it super simple, you just select the town you’re in and whether you want delivery or collection, you then get the full list of restaurants and can also pick a category on the left to search specific food like ‘Pizza’ or ‘Asian’ to suit your mood.

Food Delivery in Malta from Zuppler 2018

A rather new service that I only became aware of recently is Zuppler. A very similar kind of site where you can order food online all over Malta, from Msida to St Julians to Bugibba and everywhere in between. You can order food online for collection or for delivery. You can browse by cuisine or location and are likely to find lots of new places you’ve never heard of before.

Recommendations for Food Delivery

Whether you’re using Time to Eat or going directly, perhaps you want some personal opinions of food delivery places in Malta. I’ve tried a couple of places (mainly in the Sliema/St Julians) area so can let you know which ones I think are worth it. In general restaurants in Malta are really hit and miss; they can be amazing one day and God awful the next, and food delivery is no different- you’re just much more likely to get shitty food when it’s delivered!

Long Wait Times

When ordering food to be delivered in Malta, it’s not unusual to be waiting 2+ hours. If you’re in a rush or super hungry you might be disappointed. This goes for everywhere pretty much, but you’ll have more problems on weekend evenings and nights when there are celebrations such as public holidays or Festas.

Cold Food

Long wait time or not, when ordering delivery food will often be stone cold, so be prepared with warm plates, a heated oven or microwave to reheat the food once it arrives.


Pizza Hut

Yes OK so it’s Pizza Hut. It’s hardly fine dining and if you’re looking for something healthy then this isn’t the place. But it’s the only place you’ll always get good food delivery in Malta! Never had a bad experience, always arrives within a reasonable time, warm enough and perfect quality. Nom.

The Oven

The Oven is great for a cheap and cheerful option. Their food is usually decent (pizza, pastas) and food delivery time is, in general, quite fast and the food is tasty. When I’m not sure what I fancy I usually go for their mushroom and bacon pasta called ‘Tickle my Fancy’.

Emperor of India

If you fancy Indian food, it should always be Emperor of India. Hidden down a little side street in Paceville, this place is so under hyped. The food is really good (eat in or delivery), the prices are very affordable and the staff are super friendly. They treat every customer like their best friend, so if you’re eating in, there will be laughing and joking. If you’re getting food delivery from Emperor of India you wont be disappointed as their food is always on point. You can order food delivery online to Malta and you can do it directly from their website. They also allow you to pay for delivery by card.

Not Recommended

Badass Burgers

I love this place for eating in, but for delivery I really would not recommend them. I’ve tried their food delivery a few times and each time it has taken absolutely ages, arrived stone cold and sloppy and with everything kind of smooshed together, so much so that it’s almost always inedible.


I’m ashamed to admit that we get deliveries from KFC way more than we should, considering we’ve never once enjoyed it. Sometimes you just really need fried chicken and I keep hoping they’ll get their act together, but so far no luck. It always takes ages to arrive, always arrives stone cold and is always SO DRY! If you’re eating in or collecting, it’s not a problem, but they really struggle with delivery.


findmebeauty 18 April, 2012 - 10:14 am

There is a good website that helps you order online: http://www.yesmeals.com/ , it lets you search by area as well :) xx

findmebeauty 18 April, 2012 - 10:16 am

There is a good website for online food delivery:.yesmeals.com , it lets you select your location as well :) xx


Jo 21 September, 2012 - 5:59 pm

Pavilion palace for Chinese, Emperor of India for, er, indian, pizza by luca, piccolo padre, wok to walk, badass burgers …

Anonymous 2 December, 2012 - 12:23 am

another good website to help you find restaurants.. http://www.takeout.com.mt

Andy 16 November, 2013 - 6:23 pm

Thanks a lot for putting this together, bookmarked. Never knew about Hugo’s until I found this, cheers!

Harri 16 November, 2013 - 10:39 pm

No problem :-) enjoy! This reminds me this could do with updating, I’m sure theres more I can add! X


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