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Finding Greenery in Summer

10 September, 2017 0 comment

In my never ending quest to show everyone that there is heaps of greenery and nature in Malta, I have to bring the attention to Rabat, because the gardens aren’t the only place that are lush and green and worth a visit. On our recent trek around Rabat, Dingli and Siġġiewi we took twice as long to walk as we kept stopping and starting to take photos of the scenery around us.

This summer has been one of the hottest that I’ve known in my 7 years in Malta, with temperatures in the high 30s, feeling as hot as the low 40s. Usually a hot, dry summer like this would scorch the greenery to nothing but I’ve been amazed this year at how green Rabat still is.

Back in August, I embarked on a 14km trek (surprising if you knew how much I love my sofa) to explore Clapham Junction and the caves and, along the way, followed the most green route we could find and we were amazed. Expecting the green to have turned brown, we never expected to see so much life. Whilst most of the grassy areas had become dry, brown and straw-like, we found green on the trees, green in the fields and determined green bushes sprouting up all over.

It’s not often you’d think of rolling green hills in Malta but this is what we found, there was life everywhere. We started off a little in Buskett Gardens, followed a small part of the route and enjoyed the shade from the enormous trees, providing some cover from the beating sun.

Later on we began following a route that took us past the multitude of farms in this area. I had no idea that there was so much farmland in Malta, but it was sprawling. Miles and miles of colourful fields, well kept and flourishing. We enjoyed the smell of grass, of pine needles, of wood and for a while it was easy to forget that we were in Malta.

After a while we found ourselves in Dingli, one of the most breathtaking areas of the island and one I’ll talk about in another post soon. But for now, enjoy this snap of tiny Filfla island through the bushes.

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