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Easy Tips for Living More Sustainably in Malta

10 April, 2019 1 comment

Sustainability is a buzzword right now and in my opinion, too late. Humans have done so much harm to the world in the last few years, that no amount of tips is going to reverse. But we can slow down the damage and hope we leave a slightly better world for the generations ahead of us.

Unfortunately, as with most things, Malta is quite far behind the leading countries when it comes to sustainability, but there are still a few easy changes you can make today that will have minimal impact on your life, but a noticeable impact on the world around you.

7 easy tips for sustainable living in Malta

  1. Switch out dangerous dailies with eco-friendly options from Rebels with a Cause
  2. Make your own eco-friendly house cleaners
  3. Carry a water bottle
  4. Carry a reusable coffee mug
  5. Walk as much as possible
  6. Carry a reusable shopping mag
  7. Get mesh veggie bags from Veco instead of using the small plastic ones

Most of these tips are applicable anywhere in the world, but I’ve included a few local stores, a few local ideas and some links to some items you can buy online, with free shipping, where it’s harder to find them on the island.

Bamboo bits and bobs

Switch out daily plastic items for bamboo alternatives. They look so much better and are a thousand times better for the world. At Rebels With a Cause, you can find so many different items to change up and they are very affordable, available all over the island but can also be bought online to be delivered, directly to your door.

bamboo earbuds malta rebels with a cause

Why not switch to bamboo:

  • earbuds
  • toothbrushes
  • hair combs
  • drinking straws
  • cutlery.

I ordered some reusable make up remover pads and bamboo earbuds. They are super affordable and the service was great. They arrived in just a few days, packaged all in paper and card, which I popped directly in the recycling.

Eco-friendly home cleaners

Once your existing sprays are empty, clean out the bottle thoroughly and then make your own! This way the spray itself is much better for you, as you’re not breathing in all those nasty chemicals, it’ll smell a lot nicer and you’ll reuse the same bottle for years to come.

It’s so simple and cheap to make and most recipes contain just 4 simple ingredients:

  • white vinegar
  • baking soda
  • water
  • lemon juice or an essential oil of your choice

Drink responsibly

Something I found myself doing a lot was buying a small plastic bottle of water when I was out, or going through so many takeaway coffee mugs it was shameful. And did you know that whilst you think the takeaway coffee cups are cardboard, mostly they can’t be recycled as they are coated in plastic in order to make them effective for liquid.

But this is so easily solved! I got myself a pretty water bottle that I take with me just about anywhere now, as well as a reusable coffee mug. Both of these can be found all over the island, but a great place if you want more choice is ASOS. I got this cute pink one from Chillys.


Malta is so pretty and I bet most of the time you can take the coastal scenic route wherever you need to go. I take a lot of client meetings in my new job and I try and space them through the week, so rather than needing to rush in a taxi from one place to another, I can give myself time to take a stroll to the office instead.

Not only is it better for the environment (and the roads!) it gives me some ‘me’ time, gets me out in the fresh air, counts as exercise, gives me time to listen to some educational podcasts and I always find myself snapping pretty pictures for Instagram along the way.

Ditch the plastic veggie bags

Although a few supermarkets have switched to more eco-friendly plastic for the veggie counter, these still aren’t great for the environment and many still then shove them in a normal plastic bag afterwards.

In general we just don’t use bags and ask them to weigh the items just in a pile, with no bag, but some places wont do this and insist on putting them in something. Ditch the plastic (even the ‘green’ plastic!) and grab some of these mesh bags from Veco. They’re actually DOUBLE good as they are made from recycled plastic themselves!

Ways to have a bigger impact

There is a lot further you can go to live a more sustainable life in Malta. These are much bigger changes that will require more money, changes to your home and maybe bigger changes to your lifestyle. They should not be ruled out, but for people who can’t make these big changes, start small to begin your journey to help the world.

  • Add a reverse osmosis water filter system to your kitchen to eliminate plastic water bottles and drink directly from the tap
  • Switch to an electric car
  • Invest in solar panels
  • Search out sustainable fashion brands (online)
  • Live a waste free life.

1 comment

Martin Dyring 18 April, 2019 - 3:44 pm

You can also plant trees and support local NGO’S that makes an impact for a greener cleaner future.

ByDyring is a local brand, started in September 2018, that has Sustainable Living as the key words.

Not only do you have amazing Sustainable products, minimum 2 trees are planted with every product and 5% of the retail price go to Zibel.

Zibel is a local NGO that removes floating debris in the sea around Malta.

New this year and coming products are (2019):
– Removeable head bamboo toothbrushes, now 50% less waste than a normal bamboo toothbrush.
– Sustainable Organic Clothes made using Renewable wind and solar energy, saving an overall 80% on the CO2.
– Seed paper. Brings flowers to your life.
– Bamboo Sunglasses and Eco Wood watches
– Natural handmade shampoo bars, say No to plastic waste!

Over 3500 trees have been planted since December 1st 2018, and you can always keep yourself updated on how many trees that have been planted with ByDyring on:

ByDyring – Sustainable Living made easy



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