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Easy and Affordable Malta Yacht Charter

25 June, 2015 0 comment

Whether you fancy a spot of fishing, want to explore the coastline of Malta or just fancy a day at sea with friends and family, it could not be easier to rent a yacht or boat for your needs. A Malta yacht charter is super simple, with a range of different vehicles available and it’s possible to get some at really great prices.

Easy and Affordable Malta Yacht Charter

If you’re looking for a day sailing, or a charter holiday, for personal or corporate use, for large or small groups, you’ll find a charter to suit your needs. You can even arrange a skippered charter so you don’t have to worry about understanding how to sail, or having a designated driver on your day of fun! You can plan your own route or follow a popular line such as a Malta Day Cruise, Valletta Grand Harbour Cruise or even a charter to and around Gozo and Comino.

Malta Yacht Charter

When considering a Malta yacht charter, the possibilities really are endless and Boatcare Trading Ltd Malta are there to help you every step of the way. You’ll find a great range of boats, fit for all kinds of purposes, knowledgeable staff and skippers and prices for all budgets. Get some friends together and split the cost of a sunset cruise around Malta, use the company card for your next corporate event or go all out and charter a luxury yacht!

Why Malta?

If you’re looking for a yachting holiday then Malta is the perfect spot. Situated just south of Italy, it’s surrounded by the breathtaking colours of the Mediterranean sea, with extra special bays such as the world famous Blue Lagoon on Comino Island. Malta and it’s sister islands Gozo and Comino are surrounded by stunning coast line, popular beaches and secluded little bays, some of which are almost entirely assessable by sea so you’re sure to have space to enjoy the view without the crowds.

Make sure to visit the Azure Window at Dwejra Bay in Gozo, one of Malta’s most spectacular natural features. It wont be around forever as it’s visibly disappearing before our eyes so this sight is a must see before it’s gone forever. You can add this pit stop onto your tour or else take the Dwejra Bay Boat Charter route.

St Peters Pool Easy and Affordable Malta Yacht Charter

On the island of Malta itself there are so many exciting routes and bays to include. Don’t miss Anchor Bay or Armier Bay, both located in Mellieha on the north of the island. St Peter’s Pool is another must-see natural phenomenon, which is not so easy to get to by land, so sailing right on up to it is the perfect way to arrive.

Why Yacht Charter

Not all of us are lucky enough to own our own yachts and even if you are you then have to think about insurance, upkeep, somewhere to keep it and maybe even staff. Take all the stress out of life and treat yourself, instead, to a Malta yacht charter to see the sights you might otherwise miss, or to see your favourite places from a new angle. Just like leasing a car, yacht charter is simple, easy and just about the most fun you can have on the island.

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