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Doctor Home Visits in Malta

28 August, 2015 0 comment

If you need a doctor callout to your home in Malta, the internet doesn’t provide much help, but there are actually loads of options. Sometimes you’re just not well enough to get to a clinic, or aren’t physically able and need to call a doctor out to your home. Below are all the options below for getting a doctor to do a home visit. There are free options, paid options and options that are covered by private healthcare.

Doctor Home Callout in Malta: FREE

If you don’t have private health insurance and don’t want to spend money on a doctor call out then it is possible to get a free public health service doctor to come to your home. You can simply call your nearest free clinic, give them some details and your address and they’ll send someone out as soon as they can.

Free Doctor Call Out Pros

  • It’s free.
  • If you have a family doctor, they’ll know you and your history.

Free Doctor Call Out Cons

  • These clinics are generally over worked and under staffed so there can be days where no one is able to come out.
  • Not every town/city has a clinic so although the nearest one wont be too far, it could take them a while to get to you.

Doctor Home Visit in Malta: €25

Most pharmacies in Malta have a resident doctor who you can pay to see for around €10-€30 depending on the pharmacy/issue. These doctors often also do call outs, so have a call around your local pharmacies and you’ll soon find one who can come out to you. Check the callout charge before they come, but in general you’re looking at around €20-€30 for a home visit from a doctor.

For areas in and around St Julians (Pembroke, Sweiqi, Sliema) I would absolutely recommend Dr Nicola at Melita pharmacy. She charged €25 for a home visit, was at our apartment within 30 minutes of me calling and she even text me a few days later just to see how we were doing and ask if we needed anything at all. She is super friendly and helpful and I highly recommend her.

Cheap Doctor Call Out Pros

  • Doesn’t cost much at all.
  • Usually faster than the free doctor service.

Cheap Doctor Call Out Cons

  • Some pharmacies don’t have the doctor in every day, so there might be days when no one is available (but each is different, so if one isn’t available when you need, call another and they will have someone!).
  • Most will not available at weekends or in the evening.

Doctor Home Visit in Malta: Private Health Insurance

If you have private health insurance in Malta then you’ll have no issues getting a doctor called out to your home. The most used private hospital here in Malta is St James. They have two on the island and wherever you are located, they’ll be able to get someone out to you. You can also use these doctors if you don’t have health insurance, you just wont be able to claim the money back, and they’re likely to be more expensive than the pharmacy doctors.

Private Healthcare Doctor Home Visit Pros

  • Will be covered by your insurance.
  • Will most likely be fast and available 7 days a week.

Private Healthcare Doctor Home Visit Cons

  • If you don’t have insurance they’ll probably be around €50.
  • Even if you do have insurance you’ll have to pay cash for the visit, and then claim it back.
  • Claims can take a while to be processed.

Home Visit Doctor Recommendations

Personally, I would recommend looking into private health insurance if you don’t have it. In general, Malta has some of the cheapest private health insurance in Europe and St James is absolutely lovely. However, if you don’t have the insurance, my advice would be to call your local pharmacy (a quick google search will show most of them if you’re not sure) and get a doctor to come and visit you at home. It will only cost around €25 and is quick, easy and efficient.

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