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Chophouse @ Tigne Point, Sliema

18 September, 2013 4 comments

I love writing positive reviews because I’m always bursting with points to mention and so excited to share somewhere I love with you guys. I don’t enjoy writing bad reviews but at least they’re simple enough to write- I know what I don’t like about the place, I know what I’d want to change and it’s easy to put that into words. The hardest part is when you can’t quite make your mind up about a place, and that is how I feel with the Chophouse restaurant at Tigne Point in Sliema.

It’s supposed to be a fairly classy, high end steak house. The view is incredible, so always make sure to sit outside. You look over the harbour right onto Valletta and it’s just stunning as the sun goes down and the lights go on. You can see the domed cathedral and it’s a view you’ll certainly never forget. However the view is something you could get for free.


The food is… OK. It’s nice, the steak is good, the veg and potatoes are enjoyable, but it’s not amazing, not for the price. I don’t mind paying for good food, especially good steak but it has to be up to standard. It has to be cooked exactly right, it has to be free of any chewy fatty lumps. The potatoes have to be cooked through, mash must be creamy. The veg have to compliment the meal and not just be whatever was sitting in the fridge. Roasted to perfection, not soggy, not burnt.


I’ve certainly never had a bad meal at Chophouse but I’ve never been wowed either, and steak is something I can be wowed by! I’ve eaten here twice now and both times it was pretty much the same. OK. The service was OK but not amazing- they forgot drinks, brought the wrong wine (and instead of apologising right away, they insisted we’d asked for one thing when we actually, very clearly asked for another).


They bring bread out before the meal, and there is olive oil on the table but I always, always have to ask them to bring out balsamic vinegar (seriously, who just dips their bread in oil alone?!) and I always have to remind them more than once. Once, they even left us waiting 20 minutes for one persons dessert as it got over cooked the first time. When it did finally come out, and everyone else had finished, it was still over cooked. Fondant should ooze, and theirs never does.

IMG_7780 IMG_7781


Overall, I do think the place is nice enough. Location is perfect and the view is divine. I just don’t feel the food or service quite justify the price, and in all honesty, your money would be better of spent at another of the countries incredible steak houses.


Colin 19 September, 2013 - 8:14 am

I’ve only been to the Chophouse once, and while the service was very good and the view stunning, the steak was stringy. Not fun when you order it rare, which I usually do…
I’m guessing they don’t get the best meats there, for some reason. I would expect more from a place at that superb location and corresponding prices.

Harri 19 September, 2013 - 9:38 am

I’m so glad you share my view, shows I’m not just being overly picky! Its a real shame as they could be something very wonderful!

Sharon 20 September, 2013 - 11:48 am

I have been here twice, on my first occasion I took the Bistecca Fiorentina between two which was ok but nothing wow. However I went there again last week and took the Beef Churrasco which was amazing! However the side dishes were nothing special.

Buffalo bill is good I agree although I haven’t been there for ages, but if you want awesome meat you have to try Chukkas!


Harri 20 September, 2013 - 11:51 am

It seems everyone has found the chophouse a bit ‘meh’ but I’m glad it was good the second time you went! I’m sure I’ll give them another go, its so close and convenient and the view really is lovely.

Ooh yes I have eaten at Chukkas too, I completely forgot about that. It really was amazing! Bit of a pain to get to, depending on where you live but absolutely worth it :) xx


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