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Cafe Del Mar in Malta!

15 June, 2018 8 comments

Cafe Del Mar is a super stylish, high end lido, perfect for a day by the pool in Malta that opened in 2013 and has divided customer opinions ever since. It’s located in St Paul’s Bay, which is a strange place for a higher end type of establishment, but hasn’t held them back in any way. The space is large, with a small kids pool and a larger adult pool; a stunning infinity pool which seems to seep directly into the deep blue mediterranean sea. If you’ve not yet seen a sunset from this fashionable pool in Malta, I suggest heading over the first evening you get.

Cafe Del Mar Malta 2018


Cafe del Mar in Malta is open daily and can be found next to the aquarium in Qawra at: Triq it-Trunciera, Saint Paul’s Bay, Qawra.

Cafe Del Mar Opening Hours

Cafe del Mar is open daily from 10:00 – 18:00 and has capacity for a whopping 500 sunbeds.

Cafe Del Mar 2018 Summer Prices

The prices of Cafe del Mar have split opinion since it’s opening and continue to increase every year. They’ve added a bunch of different sunbed options for summer 2018 so choose between:

  • Normal sun beds: €15 – €20 per person
  • Cushioned sunbeds: €20 – €25 per person
  • VIP sunbeds: €30 to €40 per person
  • Luxury sunbeds: €80 – €100 per person
  • Gazebos: €100 – €120 per bed

Please don’t ask me the difference between the different types of sunbeds (especially Luxury vs VIP) as I have no idea of the physical differences, just of the prices.

So let me break it down, the latest Cafe del Mar day pass prices vary through the year. The pool membership prices for Cafe del Mar summer 2018 range from €20 to €120 per person, depending on your requirements:

Sunbed 1ST APRIL –

To avoid disappointment you can book your sunbed here.

However please note that Cafe del Mar charges for the beds, meaning if you want to stop by for a drink or a meal at the restaurant you do not have to pay to get in!

cafe del mar malta summer 2018 review and prices

Cafe del Mar Malta: Facilities

Cafe del Mar is a ‘high end’ lido swimming pool area in the north of Malta. It features a kids pool, an enchanting infinity pool, a restaurant (with a large seating capacity) for food and drink plus plenty of sunbeds for enjoying the sunshine both around the pool and some slightly separated beds in the VIP area.

The Pools

The kids pool is smaller than the infinity pool and perfect for keeping your little ones safe. The main pool is a mid sized infinity pool which seems to fall directly into the Mediterranean sea. The sunbeds at Cafe del Mar in Malta are of a much higher quality than any other lidos you’ll find, as is the entire place in general. The walls, floor and pool are all well kept and well maintained, meaning it’s always the picture perfect spot.

cafe del mar malta summer 2018 review and prices


There is a food and drinks service that delivers both to your sunbeds, however if you prefer or want a wider selection of food, you can wander over to the restaurant area. There are tables both inside and outside, as you prefer. The food is not hugely over priced (as you might expect it to be at a fancy place like this), there is a good choice and from what I’ve been told (I’ve not eaten there for 2 years) the food is good, although a common comment is that it can take quite a while to come, even when not busy.

cafe del mar malta summer 2018 sunset and day pass

The food available includes starters, various breads, salads, pasta, burgers, meats and even a kids menu for the young ones. Although the starters look a little pricy (generally around €10) they are quite fancy and the rest of the menu looks priced around mid range. From a glance it looks like burgers and pasta dishes range from €10 – €15, most of the pizzas are below €10 and the kids menu is very reasonably priced.

You can get drinks service by the sunbeds, so you don’t have to move from your perfectly relaxed spot to drink and right now, you can even get platters ordered straight to your sunbed. Once summer kicks in they’ll be introducing a pool menu where you can order a wider range of food directly to your bed without having to take a table at the restaurant. They offer a good range of drinks and cocktails are between €5.90 to €6.90.

Events at Cafe Del Mar 2018

As well as being a popular pool area in the day, Cafe del Mar is just as famous for the huge amount of events held there. It’s no wonder really, as it’s the perfect setting. Incredibly high class, it just exudes luxury and makes for the perfect instagram photo! Many brands choose to hold events and preview shows here and lots of musical artists and DJs head here too.

cafe del mar malta summer 2018 sunset and day pass

In fact, the events schedule is so packed that if you’re planning on heading to Cafe del Mar for a day by the pool or to watch the sunset, it’s worth double checking if anything is going on as some areas may be limited or you may have to leave by a certain time if you’re not part of the event.

Cafe del Mar Malta Review and Sunset!

Sunset at Cafe del Mar

The sunsets to the left (if you’re looking out to sea) just behind Bugibba and is truly dazzling. The entire area is lit up in deep reds and rusty oranges, reflecting off the glass restaurant walls and making everyone and everything that little bit more beautiful. It’s a perfectly gorgeous spot to watch the sunset, especially if you’re a fan of photography or like to show off on Instagram (I sure do!). Picture yourself sitting on the edge of the infinity pool with the sunsetting just behind you, lighting you up in a deep orange silhouette. Perfection.

Cafe del Mar Malta Review and Sunset!All in all, I’d fully recommend Cafe del Mar in Malta. The price is pretty much comparable with other lidos on the island but you get so much more for your money. The place is luxurious, well kept and has one of the best views of the island. Like Cafe del Mar on facebook to keep up to date with what’s going on. If you get the chance, make sure to tell them I sent you as it’s always nice for me when brands and companies know you’ve gone on my recommendation :)


stranger 16 May, 2014 - 6:14 pm

I would like to ask about food. How much does it cost? Not very fancy dish…just burgers, fries?

Thank you!

Rhi 18 May, 2014 - 1:37 pm

At Cafe Del Mar? I’ve been once and I had a baguette and it was around €6, not sure about the proper meals though!

connie fenech 16 September, 2014 - 9:47 pm

had fun

Diana Cassar 20 July, 2016 - 10:22 am

Hi I have a party of 6 adults, 1 10yr old, 1 5yr old and 1 2yr old. We are coming on 2nd August 2016. How much will it cost me including lunch?

Rhi 20 July, 2016 - 2:31 pm

Hey, best to contact the company directly :) http://www.cafedelmar.com.mt/

Ami 24 July, 2018 - 8:38 am

Just wanted to ask …about the sunbeds booking in the price that you pay is only for the bed or is any drink include it with the price ..??

Rhi 24 July, 2018 - 10:21 am

Hey! The price is only for the bed, so does not include any drink or food voucher. That will come as extra.

Benita White 24 June, 2019 - 5:34 pm

I am going to Malta on a budget and i am going alone i am 61 years young my first holiday without my husband i booked the flight months ago now have looked at so much hotel apartments my head is spinning any advice i have 1,200 for 3 weeks accommodation on where to stay by the way coming on the 30th of june
Love your pages just found them today


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