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Buying a Great Pair of Jeans in Malta

6 May, 2019 0 comment

The frequency of my blog posts seems to decrease year on year and it’s not that surprising considering how long I’ve been going (9 years!) but I realised that it’s mostly down to the topics I choose to write about. I always wait until I think of some big topic that is going to be super useful, but often, what people are looking for are more day to day questions. So that’s where today’s post comes in- where to buy great jeans in Malta!

What to look for in a pair of jeans

FOR YEARS I have struggled to find a good pair of jeans. A pair that:

  • fits beautifully
  • is comfortable to wear all day
  • doesn’t fade too soon
  • doesn’t collect fluff/dust

Too often they are too tight around my stomach, too loose around my ankles, the colour fades after just a few washes, or they pick up too much visible fluff and dust.

I’m not necessarily looking for a super cheap pair, I know that quality costs, but I’m also not looking to spend a fortune. Yes, I wear them a lot (seriously, jeans, a slogan t-shirt and a pair of converse is basically my uniform), but spending €200+ on a pair of jeans just isn’t something I can bring myself to do.

Lack of shop choice in Malta

I think finding a great pair of jeans is a universal challenge but it’s made even harder in Malta with the lack of choice of physical shops and I’ve never successfully bought jeans from an online shop, delivering to Malta. You really need to try jeans on, test a few different sizes and styles, in order to find that perfect pair.

But after 9 years in Malta, searching for the perfect pair of jeans, I’ve found two great places for top quality jeans that won’t break the bank and I am super happy to share with you today.

The best places to buy jeans in Malta

#1 – Levi’s Malta

Levi’s really had their hay-day back when my parents were young in the 60s – 80s yet somehow, they still hold a feeling of nostalgia for me. Nostalgia for a time I never experienced, but that doesn’t make it any the less potent. These days the styles may have changed (although mom-jeans are definitely back in) but the brand is still insanely strong.

Levi jeans in Malta

My absolute favourite jeans to buy in Malta

Of both the brands I’ll talk about today, Levi’s are definitely my favourite jeans and they are available in Malta! You’ll find Levi’s stores in Sliema and in Valletta. I have 4 pairs now and they are my most worn jeans of all.

I love their jeans as they have so many different styles, so whatever you’re looking for, most likely they will have. I own a dark blue pair of low rise skinnies, a dark blue pair of high-rise skinnies (my #1 favourite pair), a black hair of high-rise skinnies and a light blue pair of mom-jeans.

Top quality fabric

Firstly, the colours and fabric are second to none. The black pair have been worn and washed a lot but have not faded at all. They’re also a really nice dark black yet it doesn’t capture dust and fluff, so stays looking pristine. I have a pair of €100+ black Acne jeans that I can’t wear as they are constantly covered in a layer of fluff, but with Levi’s, no such issue.

They are insanely well structured, actually managing to give a bit of shape where most people have an ass, but where I am just flat. My only tiny issue with Levi’s is that I sit somewhere between two sizes. The 27″ is just a fraction too small, so if I’m eating, I end up having to undo my button, but the 28″ is miles too big, but I’m at the age where I am happy to undo a button at a restaurant if it means I can wear my favourite jeans AND enjoy my dinner!

Great service

I know it doesn’t impact on the quality of the jeans, however, I wanted to point out that the service at Levi’s in Malta is amazing. I’ve only actually shopped in the Sliema one but the lady working there was super helpful, finding the right sizes for me, recommending which ones she thought would fit best and offering an adjustment service in case they were too long. It makes a big difference when you get great service, especially in Malta where it’s notoriously bad in general!

Levi’s jeans in Malta price point

Levi’s are my favourite jeans available here in Malta but they are not the most expensive. In fact, both stores I’m going to talk about are about the same price, yet I’d say Levi quality is miles above the other two, so definitely better value for money. Depending on the style, the women’s jeans range from around €70 – €100.

#2 – Topshop jeans in Malta

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Topshop. Here in Malta, most things are waaaay overpriced. Topshop uses a standard conversion of 1.5 from GBP to EUR, which means that an item which is £50 in the UK ends up being €75 here when the real conversion rate sets it around €58. So the hike in price is absolutely sickening. But, for lack of more better options and for the quality, I don’t mind paying for the jeans.

Jamie jeans from Topshop in Malta

Jamie jeans in Malta

They also have quite a selection (although nowhere near the selection in large cities and they don’t deliver here) of shapes and sizes and the fit is generally really nice. I tend to buy high-waist, ripped, ankle grazers from Topshop, usually the ‘Jamie jeans’. I recently bought such a pair of Jamie jeans in a light blue/grey colour and I love them. They fit a bit nicer around my waist than the Levi’s (not quite so tight) and they are softer and more flexible. They’re a lot more casual (mostly due just to the rips) and an easy pair to throw on every day.

Ripped Jamie jeans from Topshop in Malta

Topshop jeans in Malta prices

The Jamie jeans in Malta are slightly cheaper than Levi’s jeans in Malta, at around €55 – €65 depending on the style. Based on the current exchange rate from GBP to EUR they should really be more like €46, but it is what it is and they’re still a decent price considering what you can get on this island.

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