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Breakfast @ Kingsway Valletta

7 June, 2018 3 comments

Whilst I almost never remember to eat it, breakfast remains my favourite meal of the day. As today was a public holiday, we headed out early to take a walk around Valletta and treat ourselves to something nice to start the day. I get more excited by finding good breakfast spots in Malta, than any other kind of restaurant and Kingsway Valletta is set to become a firm favourite. I’d really recommend heading for breakfast in Valletta and make Kingsway your first stop!

First of all, Kingsway Valletta looks great. When we were looking for a great breakfast spot, it instantly jumped out to us with their clean tables, comfortable chairs and golden and glass front, with some mouthwatering pastries displayed in the window, enticing us in.

Breakfast in Valletta

Kingsway is an upmarket cafe in Valletta. They have a breakfast menu, lunch items, drinks, coffees and cocktails. They also had a specials menu which included some gourmet breakfast options and everything sounded so delicious. Whilst there wasn’t a huge choice (too much choice is always a bad thing in my opinion) it was still really hard to decide what to get but we were both very happy with our breakfast at Kingsway Valletta.

Kingsway Valletta: Food

Between us we tried one gourmet breakfast (Maltese bread with roasted pumpkin hummus, Halloumi, tomato and red onion salsa plus a poached egg) and one standard menu item of thick cut Maltese bread with smashed avocado, goats cheese, pumpkin seeds and, of course, a poached egg. Both of us were very happy with our choices. This is what I love about cafes and restaurants with a slim selection, they do a few things but they do them really well.

My only comment would be that for me, the egg yolk was quite watery but poached eggs are the kind of things that come out differently even if you do the same thing each time. Despite the watery yolk, the food was great and I can’t wait to go back and try their waffles and bagels next!

As for drinks, the fresh orange juice was delicious (and actually fresh, unlike a lot of places in Malta) and we were impressed with their Bloody Mary which was super tasty and with a good kick of spiciness.

The Service

The thing that struck us most about our breakfast in Valletta was the service. There seemed to be only one guy serving and the place was packed but the service was amazing. A tiny bit slow at times maybe but we weren’t in any rush and the level of competence and friendliness more than made up for it. They clearly care about their customers and hire only the best staff, which is a big reason why we know we’ll be going back.

So next time you’re looking for a great cafe in Valletta or are looking for the best breakfast spots in Malta, I’d absolutely recommend Kingsway Valletta. Check out their website and the official Kingsway Valletta facebook page!


Nadia 20 June, 2018 - 2:13 pm

My oh my, I am so happy I found this blog! The past couple of days I´ve been trying to decide where to travel to with my father next month; Dubrovnik, Lisbon or Malta. I am leaning towards Malta, but can´t seem to figure out which area is the best to stay at. Could you make any reccomandations for me? It is only me and my father who are vacating, and we are spending about 10 days looking for lazy days on the beach, some sightseeing, and great food. Halp?

Rhi 20 June, 2018 - 2:29 pm

I think all 3 options you have there will be beautiful! Malta would definitely be more of a beach holiday. If you want to be near the sandy beaches you should look towards the north of the island, in or around Mellieha to stay. If you want to be near the buzz, I’d recommend the middle of the island, like Sliema or St Julians. They’re still close to the sea (everything is close to the sea!) but we only have rock beaches, however a 30 min bus ride or a 15 min cab ride will have you at sandy beaches like Mellieha beach, Golden Bay, Riviera.

Valletta is also a beautiful area to stay in. It’s the capital, but don’t expect a normal, huge city capital. It’s tiny and quaint but has quite a few cool bars and cafes and restaurants to enjoy. It would be a bit further from the sandy beaches but you can get a 10 min ferry from Valletta to Sliema, then a bus from Sliema to Golden Bay (for example). Public transport can be a bit of a pain, the busses get very full up this time of year but cabs (Taxify) are cheap and easy and depending on where you stay, most things are in walking distance. Valletta is the most beautiful, Sliema/St Julians have the most bars/cafes/resturants/shops but Mellieha is nearest the sandy beaches.

If you do choose Malta, I hope you have a wonderful time!

nadia 20 June, 2018 - 3:21 pm

Thank you so much, this was really helpful! We found that the travel to Malta would be the least expensive of the three, and also that the flights here from Norway would give us one extra day as opposed to the ones to Dubrovnik and Lisbon. I have been reading through some of your blogposts and already learned a lot about this small country, and I feel really confident that we will be visiting nest month. Can´t wait! I will definately be reading through your blog and also getting the Marco Polo travel guide to prepare and get the most out of our stay.

Thanks again!


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