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Blue Lagoon & a Stroll on Comino

13 June, 2015 0 comment

The Blue Lagoon is something that everyone who visits Malta must see, and generally tries to see. Which is why it’s such a pain in the ass! This place is so beautiful that you wont believe the colours that your eyes are seeing, but in the summer it gets absolutely rammed and is pretty hard to enjoy. The island of Comino is one of the 3 main Maltese islands (there are 3 uninhabited rocks too) and it’s tiny. It has 3 registered residents and a hotel. No shops. No real roads. But it does have the Blue Lagoon. This place has the most clear, blue water that you’re ever likely to see.


There are a few sections of sandy beach on Comino where you can sunbathe next to and swim in the Blue Lagoon but they’re tiny and get so busy that you’ll be sunbathing hanging off cliffs or packed shoulder to shoulder with other people. It’s not relaxing or enjoyable. The best way to enjoy the Blue Lagoon is by boat.


  • If you have one, head on over, anchor up and sunbathe on the boat, swimming around it.
  • If you don’t have one, get some friends together and hire a boat and captain. You can get them pretty reasonably when split between a few of you.
  • Take one of the tourist ships over there, such as the Barbarossa. They’ll moor up so you can relax on the boat, swim, or take a smaller speedboat over to Comino to explore.
  • Go to Cirkewwa and get the Comino Ferry (it’s small-ish and only takes a few minutes to head over) for €10. This is the cheapest option but you’ll have to spend your time cramped up on the beach.

In my opinion, the best way to see this gem is with a little freedom, rather than on one of the tourist boats that has a set route and set time. If you have your own boat or hire one between friends you can plan your own route, stay longer in the places that you choose. The Blue Lagoon isn’t the only beautiful part of this area of Malta, there is the Crystal Lagoon and stunning cliffs like the Elephant Cliff which absolutely has to be seen. The more freedom you have, the more you’ll enjoy this area.

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I recently started working for a big (well, big for me) company, where the team I’m a part of is bigger than most companies I’ve worked for previously. To get us all to get to know each other and gel a little, the manager sorted out a team building event where we spent the day drinking and sunbathing at this place of outstanding natural beauty.


Once we got to the Blue Lagoon some of us took the speedboat over to the island to have a stroll around. Before the real intense heat of the summer kicks in, Comino is really beautiful, filled with greenery and nature and scenery that you just wont be able to get enough of. It’s a photography lovers dream!


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