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Christmas spirit in Gozo at Bethlehem f’Għajnsielem

17 December, 2013 0 comment

Before I moved to Malta I’d never really heard of Nativity Scenes, other than the little ornamental kind you bring out at Christmas, but over here it’s all the rage to have living, breathing nativity set ups with actors that you pay to have a look around. I heard from some friends that there was one in Gozo that was not only a Nativity Scene but a full on Bethlehem. The four of us took the ferry over, had a lovely few hours walking around Sanap Cliffs then we had to check out this ‘back in time’ mini village.

IMG_0203 IMG_0204

Entrance is free there’s just a donation pot which you can choose to put into but it’s pretty inconspicuous and there’s no pressure. There are a load of animals milling around- geese, roosters, donkeys, teeny tiny goats, llamas and more. They’re kind of cooped up which I don’t really like but it opens at 2 everyday so perhaps they’re brought in from elsewhere and are just kept there during opening hours.
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There are a few little buildings that house a bakery, a wine tavern and there’s one with some animals and actors for Mary, Joseph and even a little baby Jesus!

IMG_0212 IMG_0222 IMG_0225

I’d be a little surprised if it really was the second best in the world (click here!) however it’s clear a lot of effort has gone into this and it’s a nice little day out to get into the Christmas spirit. There are some people weaving baskets, working with sheep’s wool and stalls selling mulled wine, chestnuts and fruit and veg.

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