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Sanap Cliffs, Gozo, for greenery and hiking!

15 December, 2013 4 comments

Today was a fairly unplanned day and ended up being sort of the perfect Sunday. Some friends of ours suggested popping over to Gozo to see the Bethlehem nativity and as it was Number 2 on a list of great Nativity scenes around the world we figured it was worth a look.

When we first got to Gozo we drove around for a bit with no destination in mind, someone would just shout a town from a road sign and we’d head in that direction. We ended up in Sanap Cliffs and I am so glad we did.

DSCN0128 DSCN0129

We began following signs for Sanap Cliffs assuming it’d be a lot like Dingli. We were in the car and as the road became less and less road and more and more dirt track we considered turning back, but then Elaine spotted a walkway so we abandoned the car in a quiet sandy area and took off by foot.

DSCN0150 DSCN0166

There’s a really lovely set walk way that is all paved in white stone and it looks really nice and clean, then you turn a corner and suddenly the view transforms into something breathtaking.

DSCN0138 DSCN0116

To the right there are the layered sections of grass and crops all separated by cobbled walls. I’ve never seen such lush greenery in all my time in Malta. Then to the right there are beautiful white, complete vertical drop cliffs and an uninterrupted expanse of steely grey sea interspersed with magical gleaming gold pools of light where the sun has snuck through the clouds.

DSCN0136 DSCN0167

So much green, so much sea, so much sharp white cliff face. It really is unexpected and unforgettable. We’re definitely going to make our way there again once the weather warms up- it’s the perfect scenic picnic spot…roll on spring!



We only turned back once the grey clouds became black and started their warning grumbles of thunder. I wouldn’t fancy being caught in a storm on those cliffs!


katrina moran 16 December, 2013 - 5:58 am

Hi loving the blog, Have you or anyone reading this have any idea’s where to go New Years eve in Malta ?. We’re near Selima .. Thought of The Palace but they want 85 Euro’s each …. mmmm Kat x

Harri 16 December, 2013 - 10:12 am

Having the same thoughts as you about New Years- want to do something in/around Sliema/St Julians but everywhere is so expensive. I’ll let you know if I find anything :) xx

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Dorielle Soler 19 April, 2017 - 3:41 pm

Just came across this blog before a weekend in Gozo – wow, lovely photos – am so going there – thanks !


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