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Beautiful Sunrise Stroll in Sliema

29 September, 2014 0 comment

I am incredibly unfit. Luckily for me, I am slim, so people don’t really notice. But I do and it’s getting to the point, especially now I work from home, where I need to get off my ass and make the effort. I wont go walking in the evening as the streets are busy and I don’t love wandering around in the dark by myself. I absolutely hate mornings and waking up, but it’s the best time to go- not too hot yet, the streets are quiet and if I get up and out early, I’m bound to be more productive for the rest of the day.

Then, I thought of another pretty big factor that I thought might help me drag my ass out of bed. Sunrise. If I get up early enough and go out for a walk, I could see the sunrise multiple times a week. As it was my first time trying to drag my carcass out of my pit, I figured taking my camera would give me some motivation to go through with it.

I managed to wake up at 6:15 (you’ve no idea how just seeing that time makes me shudder!), got washed, put on my running gear and headed out the door with my camera. First off, I left the house without makeup. This simply does not happen but wasn’t as scary as I expected. Hardly anyone else was about and those who were, were also red and sweaty like me so they weren’t going to care.

Dawn in Sliema, Malta

It was so nice seeing the streets in the early morning dawn. It’s so different to the colours of the dusk, I had no idea. Kind of grey and blue. Muffled somehow. So quiet and empty.

For ages before I turned a corner I could see hot pink streaks across the clouds and I was worried I was too late to see the best part of the sunrise.

Pink clouds during sunrise in Sliema, Malta

I googled it and saw sunrise was at 06:55 but I wasn’t really sure if that’s when it began peeking up from the sea, or when it was fully up. I chose this path as it leads you to the most spectacular sunrise viewing point. I like my sunsets dipping directly into the sea, and I like my sunrises to come from the waves too.

There she is.

Sunrise from the sea in Sliema, Malta

My first glimpse of the sunrise in Malta did not disappoint. The colours were so intense. I had no idea that colours could be so loud- so strong- that early in the morning! I expected dull, pale pinks, pretty pastel hues.

I just adore how the colours washed over everything in sight. The water turned into a burning orange gold, glistening with each and every swell.

Sunrise from the sea in Sliema, MaltaSunrise from the sea in Sliema, Malta

Even the streets and the buildings and the people were alight with the glory of the morning. Nothing and no one left untouched by it’s majesty.

sun lit buildings

Sunrise from the sea in Sliema, Malta

I have always been a writer, but this kind of awesome perfection is impossible to describe. The English language is supposed to be so poetic, so descriptive- a writer’s dream!- but there are no words for those colours, that view or the feeling it gave me.

Sunrise from the sea in Sliema, Malta Sunrise from the sea in Sliema, Malta

Everywhere I looked, my breath was taken.

Golden sunrise clouds in Sliema, Malta DSCN0135

I was out for 50 minutes and despite taking 72 (yes, 72!) photo’s, I think I managed to get in plenty of actual exercise. I kept up a good pace and got a sweat on, got my heart pumping. It was a little awkward, trying to walk at speed whilst carrying my camera, but if this is what I get for it, and this is what it takes to get me up and out there, then I don’t see any harm in it.

Street art, graffiti in Sliema, Malta DSCN0095 DSCN0134

Head on over to my facebook page to see even more pics from this stunning sunrise.

When was the last time you saw something that really took your breath away?

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